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You're such a Wordshaker~♫

Velvet lining on your fingertips--

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Here we're playing fic shiritori, in which we go in turns posting short fics that begin with the end of the previous fic! Example:
K finishes a drabble with: [...] and together they watch as the rocket ship disappears into the stratosphere.

R goes after K and begins with: The stratosphere was Fujigaya’s favorite place to think. [...]


complete and updating rules

- You can write whoever you want, whatever you want.

- You may use up to the last sentence of the previous fic (so that means you can use the last word, or the last three words, etc).

- If you end your drabble with a proper noun (eg. "Kitayama", "Tokyo", "damned Microsoft", etc) then the game is over and the next person gets to start their drabble with whatever word they want.

- There is no limit to how long (or short) your fic is.

- You have a max of 3 days (72 hours) to write your fic. If for whatever reason you can't/don't want to write within those 3 days, just make a post saying "skip"! Eventually Team Leaders will skip your turn for you once the 3 days are up, but skipping yourself allows everyone to move forward more quickly.

- There is no posting format and tagging is optional, with the exception that you must use a team label in the title of your post and you must tag your post with the team you are on. Also, please remember to use warnings if your fic includes things of sensitive nature.

- Everyone is welcome to play, and you're free to join and leave at will! Just fill out the form linked on on the most recent sign up post!

Shiritori is, at the core of it, a writing challenge and a speed game. In the spirit of this, we're constantly evolving the game to set up new challenges for ourselves or else to help move things along. For instance, we've established teams to move things along quicker after getting 10+ participants, etc. Keep up! ;)

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