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[Team One] Body like a Greek God

Title: Body like a Greek God
Fandom: Sexy Zone
Pairing: Nakajima/Kikuchi
Rating: Hard R? Maybe NC-17?
Summary: During their AnAn shoot, Kento is extremely distracted by Fuma's new physique.
A/N: I actually planned on writing out the full NC-17 but I'm already late so I just let it go. (Totally will finish it someday though)

Things had started to get awkward halfway through the shoot. It wasn’t that big of a shock when the photographer asked them to remove their shirts. It was for AnAn so Kento hadn’t really expected to be wearing much clothes to begin with. The problem was, he was with Fuma for this shoot. He’d seen the other man thousands of times shirtless and with far fewer clothes. They’d been together for over 10 years and had had their fair share of time together. He could still remember their first time together, fumbling and full of nerves. It had been a bit painful at the time, but it was also a memory he would never trade. Now, the two of them were both adults and their bodies had changed dramatically.

Fuma caught his eye at that moment and Kento looked away out of reflex. He cursed mentally at himself, but he could help it. Over the last several months Fuma had begun going to the gym religiously, and Kento knew that with that dedication came changes. However, up until that day he had not really seen it. They had both been busy with their own lives and their own things. Their moments of passion were often quick and without really looking at one another. Looking now, Kento almost regretted how much time he spent not really paying attention. He cursed mentally as he felt his body react to the sight. He prayed that his pants for the day, thick gray sweatpants, would hide his growing interest. He dared to look over at Fuma, his white tank top had been thrown to the side and he stood proudly showing off his hard work.

Fuma always had a body that made Kento blush. Tall, wide shoulders and well proportioned Fuma was always good looking. Now he had bulked up considerably, and Kento had to fight back against his imagination which gave flashes of Fuma lifting him up and fucking him against a wall. Kento fought back a moan as his body clenched out of reflex. He got yelled at by both the photographer and their manager to pay attention more after the second time Kento had been caught in a daze. Fuma gave him a cocky grin, one that said he knew exactly why this was happening.

He took a deep breath and let the air release slowly from his cheeks. He had to focus. He willed his body to relax by thinking of things that either grossed him out or terrified him. It worked and they managed to finish the shoot. While checking over the photographer’s shoulder, he had to admit they looked good. Though Kento didn’t have nearly as much in the way of defined muscle, he still was in great shape and his muscles were flexed attractively.  The contrast to Fuma’s brawny physique was eye-catching and he knew without a doubt that the issue would go over well with their fans. Kento dryly for a moment wondered how most would react, knowing that their fantasies of the two of them weren’t that far off the mark.

He shouted out the customary ‘Thank you’ remarks before he shuffled away from the studio in search of the showers. Kento desperately wanted to relieve himself and get in a cold shower followed by a relaxing hot one. He was so focused on what he wanted to do, that he didn’t even realize that he had been followed. He arrived at the shower and was about to take off his shirt again when he felt strong arms wrap around him from behind.

“That was fun,” Fuma’s teasing voice was right in his ear. He shivered in response and shrugged Fuma’s body away from his. On most days, he was the king of saying embarrassing lines and not being phased by even the most ridiculous request asked of him. Today, however, Kento struggled to remain calm. His face was still flushed as he turned around to stare at Fuma. The other male had put his tank top back on, but it didn’t make much difference.
“You know, I can’t tell if I prefer you with clothes or without clothes anymore,” He really hadn’t intended to say it out loud, and the realization that he had left Kento utterly mortified.
He felt his face burn as Fuma let out a loud laugh at his outburst. He was nearly doubled over before he finally caught a hold of himself once more. He wiped at tears forming in the corners of his eyes, and Kento felt himself glower, not finding it that funny in the least. That cocky grin returned to his face, and suddenly Kento felt like Fuma was undressing him with his eyes. “Well, I certainly know my preference.”

Kento took a step back but found himself against the wall of the changing room. Fuma stepped closer until their chests touched. Kento knew what would come next as Fuma leaned down and crushed their lips together. Kento kissed him back with just as much passion.  Kento nipped at Fuma’s bottom lip, easily gaining access to deepen the kiss. By the time Fuma pulled away from him, they were both breathless. Their skin flushed pink, and lips slightly puffed up. Kento looked up at Fuma through long dark eyelashes. His pupils were blown wide with want, and suddenly he couldn’t get the taller male out of his clothes fast enough.
Fuma seemed just as desperate as he tugged on Kento’s clothes in an attempt to free the light skin beneath. Kento shivered once they were both naked. Fuma’s body was hard and strong against him, and he felt a tiny bit like melting into the moment. Fuma’s hand caught Kento’s wrist and dragged him over to the showers. The cold water splashed at Kento’s feet and he let out a yelp as he hopped away from it. Fuma looked at him in amusement, causing Kento to scowl.
Fuma pulled Kento closer to him with a grin. “You’re so hot, you know that?” His eyes were hungry as he looked down at Kento. For a moment Kento wondered how Fuma could say such things when he had started to look like he had walked right out of Greek mythology. Though his train of thought was derailed as Fuma’s lips brushed against his own again. This kiss was sweet and full of the emotions that Fuma was feeling at that moment. Kento sighed into the kiss, the steam had begun to rise around them in a fluffy cloud.
In a hurry they washed one another’s bodies, fingers raced across bare flesh as the water soothed their aching muscles from their dance practice earlier that day. Once Fuma had deemed Kento clean enough he kissed him again. His breath came out hot against Kento’s ear. “How do you want me?”

“How about you fuck me against the wall?”

Your turn Senpai mousapelli
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