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[Team Two] More than a single surprise

Hello again beautiful people :D Here I am, back with some fluffy, mushy, ridiculous thing. Poly relationship ahead, with 2 women and 2 men. Oh, and werewolves that are basically puppies. Rate M for implications.

“I’ve been with you for months,” Amelia says to the group at large in an awed, incredulous voice. She shakes her head. “Months living with the three of you. And I had no idea.”

“Well,” Owen offers tentatively. “To be fair, it’s not like we advertise it or anything.” He shrugs.

“Still. You’d think I’d notice something.” She frowns, then gasps in sudden realization. “Wait a moment, I did! I did, and you acted like it was nothing!”

“You did?” Owen asks, blinking and turning his head to the side, looking puzzled. Like a puppy. Darn it, she’d been so willfully blind. “When?”

“When?” She huffs, both amused and unimpressed. There had been so many signs… “Well, how about that time I found you three sleeping on top of each other—in a puppy pile. Or that time we were at the park and a ball flew past us and you all just—upped and flew after it, and then played keep-away with the boys who owned it for, like, an hour. Or maybe your weird sniffing habits! Argh, that’s—” She lets out a soundless yell. “You’re a bunch of puppies! I thought you were a triad with some strange fetishes!”

Sam blushes bright red at that, his freckles almost disappearing under all that color. He clears his throat and looks away, but Laura grins, wolfishly, and shrugs unrepentantly.

“Well you’re not completely wrong,” Laura says, leering at the two boys. “We are a triad, and we do have some kin—”

“Eeeenough information,” Sam says shrilly, slapping a hand onto Laura’s mouth. “No, actually, too much information. She doesn't need it. Nobody needs it. Laura, please.”

“No, no, she does need it!” Laura argues, pushing Sam’s hand away. She’d almost look offended, if it wasn’t for the laughter shining in her blue eyes. “After all, we’ve been courting her for months!”

Amelia gapes inelegantly at that. “You have?!”

Owen sighs as Laura chuckles and Sam is busy sputtering at her. “Yes,” he admits nonchalantly, then offers her a small smile. It’s just as beautiful as she’s always privately thought, but the knowledge of what it implies makes it even more precious. “We like you, and we think you’d fit in quite nicely with us, if you’d have us.”

“At least consider it,” Laura pipes in, and her cheeks are pink and her eyelashes so, so long.

“Consider? No, no. There’s nothing to consider,” she blurts. Then winces. “Ah, I quite like you, all of you, though...I don’t know how poly relationships work. Sorry.”

Laura clucks her tongue. “That’s what talking is for. Communication is always pivotal for any relationship, and even more important when it includes more than two people.”

Owen nods, serious. “As she says. We can figure it out together.”

“Yeah,” Sam adds, and he’s still red, but there are determination and hope in his face. “As long as we like each other, we can work on it.” His smile then is shy. “Do you want to?”

“Yes. Definitely, yes,” Amelia says, feeling a little overwhelmed but deliriously happy.

Laura beams and sweeps Amelia off her feet, twirling her around. Amelia lets out a startled yelp, then laughs along with the other woman.

Amelia has a lot of questions. Questions about their relationship, about her place in it, about their werewolf condition (because, really? Werewolves?). But she’s happy to ask them later. For now, life is bright.

bluedreaming, it's your turn! :)

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