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[Team one] lunch break

I'm amazingly burned out this week and yet I somehow managed to write a bit of nonsense. Inspired by the office cat behind my workplace which we kinda adopted lol.

"Bet you can't eat that whole slice of pizza in less than two bites."

Bakugou knows the words are childish as soon as they leave his mouth, but they escape before he has a chance to second guess himself. He's a grown man, a famous pro hero, and yet here he is challenging the person across the table from him to a weird eating contest.

Todoroki regards him with a vague sort of contempt.

"I'm saving this last piece for the cat," he says, placing the slice on a styrofoam plate.

"The cat?" Bakugou repeats. He squints, trying to remember if the agency hired a new sidekick he'd forgotten about. He's seen weirder quirks.

"Yes, the cat," Todoroki clarifies without actually clarifying anything. He starts heading out of the office kitchen, and Bakugou jumps up to follow him.

He sure as hell isn't letting damn Icyhot just walk away in the middle of their conversation with his questions remaining unanswered.

"What cat?" he growls.

Todoroki opens the back door leading to the alleyway behind the building. He doesn't even bother to answer because it becomes apparent quickly that Todoroki is really referring to an actual cat.

The gray and white kitten scurries across the pavement to observe them both warily from a safer distance.

"The fuck are you feeding stray cats for?" Bakugou complains as Todoroki places the plate of pizza on the ground. "They never go away if you feed them."

Todoroki is crouched down by the plate, hand outstretched in a friendly gesture, waiting for the young cat to decide it's safe enough to come forward. Frankly, he looks absurd and nothing like the powerful hero he's grown to be in the past few years.

"Do cats even like pizza?"

"This one likes anything," Todoroki answers.

Bakugou narrows his eyes as the information clicks in his head. "How long have you been feeding it?"

"A week."

Bakugou clenches his fists to keep a few annoyed sparks from flying. "Great. Now it really will never leave." He shoots his best intimidating glare at the cat, but it's more focused on the pizza. "I hope you haven't named it."

Todoroki gently rubs the kitten's back as it devours the toppings off the pizza first. "I've just been calling him The Cat so far," he answers.

There's a moment of silence, and then:

"You should never be allowed to name anything ever again," Bakugou says. "Naming privileges revoked."

Todoroki merely glances up at him with a silent look that screams you're one to talk, hypocrite.

Bakugou ignores him, turning on his heel to return inside. He's got a patrol that's supposed to start soon. This is no time to dwell on unimportant things.

Your turn aleena_mokoia if things aren't too crazy
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