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[team two] wanting gladness viii

“You have no idea, Boss” Havoc says, practically jumping up and down in excitement. Ed wonders where Hawkeye is—

“—how much you still have left on your schedule for today?”

—and, speak of the devil. Ed turns to see her standing in the doorway, expression cool.

“—how much I still have left on my schedule, which I’m off to right away,” Havoc mumbles, backing away and narrowly avoiding stumbling over the desk. Ed glances back at Hawkeye, who doesn’t quite wink.

“Welcome back,” she says, voice a fraction warmer. “How is your brother?”

Ed grins. “He’s great, the usual. Sends greetings to Black Hayate.” Hawkeye’s expression softens a little more, but then, she’s always had a soft spot for Al: most people do. It’s a good thing Ed doesn’t care about things like that.

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Tags: *team two, fandom: full metal alchemist, love ranger: bluedreaming
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