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[Team Three] Search For Your Love

Uh... random blurb.
Inspired by my trip to Kabukicho today lol I did not visit any actual host clubs, though.

Technically Iwamoto/Sakuma but you can make it any Iwamoto pairing you want really.

This was Kabukicho. The City of (Neon) Lights. The City of Pleasure. The City of (Broken) Dreams. And ‘Snow’ was, despite the name, one of the hottest Host Clubs around. The hosts were called ‘snowmen’ but their speciality was to ‘melt frozen hearts’. A host club that specialized in particularly tough nuts to crack. Many suspected that it was merely the owner (Takizawa Hideaki)’s way of training the future kings of Kabukicho.

Iwamoto was one of the hosts, one of the snowmen at the club. He was usually among the top performers - at Snow, there was no single No.1. Hosts were sorted into ‘Ranks’ instead. In terms of that ranking, Iwamoto prided himself in being one of the few ‘SS’ ones.

He had not entered this world for very long and if asked, it had been for rather ‘strange’ reasons.

It had been because the priestess at a shrine had told him to. As somewhat of an avid believer and someone with strong superstitions, Iwamoto had gone to a shrine specializing in dreams to seek help about recurring dreams he had had ever since he was young.

He would see scenes from a long time ago, from a time when Japan had just moved its capital from Kyoto to Edo. From a time when people had fought with swords. And then he would always see the same person there next to him.

The priestess at the shrine had told him that his dreams were memories from a past life. That it were memories of his soul before it had been reincarnated. And that the person was someone whom his past self had held very dear and had a strong connection to. Seeing them in a dream was a sign for a possible meeting between them in this life. And when he had done a special divination for him, she had told him to seek a job as a host in Kabukicho to meet that fated person. And that’s how he had ended up at Club Snow.

Of course he hadn’t expected the person to just show up in front of him right away. But he wondered how long he would have to wait. The priestess had not been able to tell him that.

Iwamoto heard the door of the club open and close and the chorus of welcomes from the lower ranked hosts positioned there. Since he had not gotten a designation yet, he decided to go up and take a look at the new arrival.

He made it up just in time to hear Meguro, one of the ‘S’ ranks, chat up whoever had come in.

“If it is your first time, how about coming with me? I promise I’ll make it worthwhile.”

“You’re cute but you’re not the one I want,” the other person replied - politely but honestly.

“Oh? You already had someone in mind?” Meguri shifted and suddenly Iwamoto’s eyes went wide. His eyes met the ones of the male who had appeared from behind Meguro.

They both spoke up at the same time.

“I have been looking for you!”

You're up thesecretdoor!
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