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[TEAM TWO] Fireflies and Butterflies

I had a really hard time trying to think of something starting with "You" that wasn't accusatory or like... Homestuck kgdkgdkgd. In the end, I just went with the first thing that popped in my head.

You would not believe your eyes if ten billion fireflies-”


Mia looked up from hot-gluing a yellow rhinestone to the butt of a wire firefly and stuck her tongue out.

“It's a classic!”

“A classic?” Seb scoffed. “I thought that word was reserved for good songs.”

Bleh, bleh look at me and my snooty music taste. Shut up and focus on your bugs. What even is that?”

“It's a ladybug!” He held up the strange, long-legged abomination, throwing his other hand below it like a game show presenter. One of its googly eyes slid down its fuzzy, pipe cleaner face and hit the table with a clack.

“If you say so,” Mia laughed, handing over the glue gun as Seb cursed and reached for it. “How many of these things does your sister need, again?”

“She said like a million, but that's obviously not happening sooooo a fuckton?”

The tray of pipe cleaners that Mia was reaching for went flying as she laughed and her hand jerked.

“Though if you keep throwing our supplies all over the place, we won't be able to do so many,” Seb tutted, setting his beast of a ladybug aside and bending to clean up the mess.

“At least it wasn't glitter.”

Seb rose with a dark look in his eye. “We don't speak of the glitter incident.”

Mia raised her hands in surrender before starting on a dragonfly. They worked in relative silence for a bit before she spoke up again. “Sooooooo… thinking of asking anyone to spring formal?”

Seb raised a brow at her. “Is that your way of saying you've got a date and won't be my pity date, or if we want to sound a little less pathetic, ‘going as friends?’”

“No, of course not. I wouldn't just ditch you like that. I'd at least… ask first.”

She fell quiet, and Seb returned to his work, letting her gather the words she was obviously gearing up to speak.

“I was thinking of asking someone,” she said softly.

“Oh?” Seb prompted.

“I was thinking… of… of asking… Clarissa.”

Seb looked up at her, then back down. “Clarissa’s pretty.”

Mia's voice picked up, and Seb could hear the smile in it without looking up. “She is! And really nice! We have bio together, and she sits right next to me, and she doesn't usually say a lot, but the other day she missed class and she asked me for my notes, and we started talking, and did you know she went to Anicon last year?”

Seb returned her smile. “We could've walked right past her.”

“Right!? A-anyway, I just wanted to ya'know… ask you first before I asked her.”

Seb snorted. “You don't have to ask my permission. Maybe now I can finally stay home, hunched over the computer in complete darkness like God intended.”

“Absolutely not! Who am I supposed to drag into the bathroom for moral support when everything starts going to hell?”

“If, not when, and not me. Didn't Kenneth just get suspended for being in the girls’ bathroom?”

Mia made a face. “Don't remind me. Who does that at school? Ugh, I don't even want to think about it. Besides, that's different, and it doesn't have to be the bathroom. There's like a million places to have a complete emotional breakdown. Plus, I dunno, maybe I could introduce you guys… All this assuming she even says yes…”

Seb waved the notion away. “She has to. If she doesn't, I'll leave mean messages in her locker, like: ‘Wow Marissa that was kind of really not nice of you and actually maybe kind of mean maybe?’”

“Wow, brutal.”

“Exactly, and if that doesn't work: ‘Please go out with Mia, or I'll cry.’”

You'll cry?”

“Of course! What kinda moral support would I be otherwise?”

“Ah, of course,” Mia conceded, shaking her head as she laughed. “Thanks, Seb.”

“For what? I haven't started crying yet.”

“Okay," Mia grinned at him. "I'll thank you then.”

Your turn, shinysylver!
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