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[Team Three] In Between

Life is giving me a lot of IwaSaku these days lol
So when life gives you lemons and all that jazz.

Softly. Lightly. Gently. Elegantly.


Iwamoto’s eyes followed the other’s movements, mesmerized, fascinated. He was caught up in what was unfolding in front of him, in the designated ‘stage’ area of the rehearsal space. A part of him was also amused, though. This all stood in such stark contrast with how Sakuma was usually like. Sakuma’s usual self was anything but quiet after all. The other attributes were up for debate or rather in the ‘it depends’ category.

The music ended and the group came together for some feedback. They were still running through things without the makeup but they were wearing the proper costumes, which meant when they grouped together, he was breathing down the nape of Sakuma’s neck that was visible and framed by the bright orange kimono.

It was an alluring sight but Iwamoto would not let himself get distracted by it.

Not until after they were done and were allowed to take a break at least - so that Abe, Sakuma and Watanabe could change and since they had been at it for a few hours.

He followed Sakuma when the other shuffled off to the changing room where the kimono were going to be kept for the rehearsals and tugged Sakuma into one of the smaller hallways just before the other reached his goal.


“Hikaru~” Sakuma chirped with a grin. “What’s u-” Sakuma could not finish the rest of his question because a pair of lips on his effectively silenced him.

When they parted briefly, Iwamoto asked, “Need help to get out of these?”

“I guess you’re offering?” Sakuma smiled brightly.

“Yeah,” Iwamoto got his hands into the folds of the garment and touched bare skin.

“Yay!” Sakuma giggled and then leaned in for another kiss.

They kept going for a few moments until they heard the sound of someone clearing their throat.

“You’re lucky that Nezumi is still Omaru’s one and only or we’d totally have to rewrite this whole thing because the main character is running off an having an affair with a different girl,” Fukazawa crossed his arms and looked at the pair. “Since I doubt he’d go for ‘Kin-chan’.”

He looked at where Iwamoto’s and Sakuma’s hands had disappeared to and rolled his eyes.

“You have weird fetishes, Sakuma.”

Sakuma protested, “You’re calling ME the one with the weird fetishes? You should have heard what Hikaru asked me to- gnnrrrffflkkkmmmmggnnn!!!”

“That’s between us,” Iwamoto clamped a hand over Sakuma’s mouth to shut him up and then shot Fukazawa a look.

Fukazawa threw his hands up. “I do not want to know! No. No, I do NOT want to know. You guys, I am so glad that I got the only normal person in this unit. Ryohei where are you?” He went back into the hall behind him.

Iwamoto and Sakuma shared a look and then both of them burst out laughing.

You're up thesecretdoor
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