Kira_Shadow (kira_shadow) wrote in writetomyheart,

[Team Sonic] Lovebite

Err super short and super random omegaverse blurb. Don't know where that came from. I'm drunk writing, maybe that's where it came from...

"Let me make you feel even better," the whisper is low and so full of promises. Not that Sakuma really registers it anymore. His mind is far too gone. As if the heat had not clouded his senses enough already. It had been even worse than usual this time. Had been getting progressively worse ever since Iwamoto had shown up.

The mist around his thoughts and mind clears with a snap when Iwamoto bites him and marks him, burns a mark deep into him. Into his very soul.

Tags: *team sonic, fandom: msm/noon boyz/snow men, love ranger: kira_shadow, warning: here tharr be porn

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