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[Team Four] Untitled Yoonjin WIP #890485

wow i'm going to have to have to get used to writing 'team four' instead of 'team one'

Hello team four! I'm your captain, Softboys! ^u^ I've never captained the slow team before, so I'm just going to apologize in advance if I poke you after three days, instead of after five days. It's going to take some time getting used to, but I'm sure this will be fun! :D

I can be reached on LJ DMs or over on twitter where I'm @dadtaek :D Communication is key guys, so let's communicate well ^^

Starting this off with one of my thousand Yoonjin wips.

Under him, the mattress creaks, gives away slightly to the additional weight on top of it. The sheets around his lower body are pushed further down over his back along with his pajama jacket; his legs exposed to the gentle breeze blowing into the room through the open window. It’s not that cold yet, so when Yoongi shivers bodily it’s not because of the wind, or the gentle chill of the room. He’s warm, his skin sticking to the thin sheet, but he’s shivering, too. Feverish, almost.

A warm hand runs up from behind his knee, his thigh to the junction between his thigh and ass. The warmth of the hand seeps through the silky fabric of his pajama pants, it’s warmer than Yoongi’s skin, and dry, safe, sure in its movements. Yoongi’s cheeks, face feels way hotter than his body does, pulse pounding in his ears. There are more sounds that sound like the movement of fabric and plastic; Yoongi strains his ears to listen, but nothing becomes clearer to him.

The mattress dips further, and Yoongi suddenly becomes aware of how close he is. There a clothed crotch presses briefly against his ass as an arm wraps around his waist, lifts him up from the mattress as if he weighs nothing more than a bag of feathers. His pajama pants are pulled down his legs by another hand, and when the fabric is bunched around his knees, he’s being laid back down onto the firm mattress.

“Because of you, I’m becoming ruined,” a soft, hushed voice sings. Yoongi, despite his clouded brain recognizes those lyrics immediately, they are, after all, his lyrics. Although they are not sung, usually, because Yoongi doesn’t sing. “I wanna stop.”

“Seokjin-hyung,” Yoongi groans into the pillow, probably too quiet for Seokjin to hear it at all, but he tries, gives it a go.

So, pack-mate elindar, you're up! :D
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