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[TEAM ONE] Friday Nights and Weekends

Really sorry it took so long to finish this ;A;
RL does not want to give me a break at all ;A;


Hoseok nods without even looking at Yoongi at all. “Yeah, we could take the bus in the early morning and come back by midnight,” He even says casually.

Like Baguio isn’t a 4-hour drive from Manila.

It’s a Friday night and frankly, Yoongi’s still too tired for all of this. He just came home from 3-hour long drive from BGC to Quezon City and he still can’t feel his ass from all the seating he did. Payday weekends + EDSA traffic madness? Not a good combination.

Hoseok presses a small kiss on Yoongi’s forehead as he places a bowl full of menudo on the table. It’s 10 in the evening and they’re just eating dinner now, thanks MMDA.

“Why? Do you have to go to work tomorrow?” Hoseok asks. He grabs Yoongi’s plate and puts rice on it while Yoongi places a small serving of menudo in Hoseok’s plate. The entire condominium, as small as it is, is quiet except for the sound of electric fan and cutleries clanging against porcelain plates. The noontime show they embarrassingly got hook on is about to start.

“Not really, but, seriously? Baguio?” Yoongi tries not to sound incredulous. He knows Hoseok likes spontaneity, but Baguio? A whole different level. “Where are we going to sleep? What about Holly and Mickey?”

Oh fuck, Hoseok cooks food like a god.

“This is so yummy, babe, I could cry,” Yoongi literally moans. This is what he deserves after that long ass ride and that horrendous treatment he got from back to back meetings from his 2 VIP clients. Hoseok giggles and just pats his partner’s head.

“Hotel’s already been taken cared of, and I got Taehyung and Jimin to take care of the kids,” Hoseok easily says. Yoongi raises his eyebrows at the second statement. “You let those fetuses be in charge of our kids?!”

Hoseok glares at Yoongi playfully. “Come on, you know those two would treat our babies like the true prince and princess that they are,” He says.

“Fair point,” Yoongi agrees. They eat together in silence. Hoseok occasionally tells him stories about their neighbors and about his latest project which the client finally got happy with after the 33rd revision. Yoongi snorts at that and mumbles something along the lines of ‘well, as long as he’s paying’.

Yoongi forces Hoseok to sit down and relax in their living room while he washes the dishes. “Our show’s starting in a bit! Update me when I finish!” is all he says before he folds his sleeves and goes to work.

Hoseok yells Yoongi updates about their show and occasionally attempts to help him, but the latter merely swats the former’s hand away. It goes along the lines of this - Yoongi glares while Hoseok pouts. Yoongi works fast then jumps on the sofa and rests his head on Hoseok’s legs the moment he’s found his perfect position on the sofa.

Your turn, thesecretdoor
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