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[Team Two] IOU

*sets aside Snow Man fandom drama*

Focusing on the positive things. It's come to my attention that someone on Twitter drew fanart for this particular AU and seeing that just really really made my day. So if whoever drew Rude Boyz Sakuma is reading this, thank you so much! You made me incredibly happy! ♥

Which is also why you're getting another blurb from this universe. And who knows, if I feel inspired, I'll write someone else than Iwamoto and Sakuma next. (Hint: Party Time!)

“Ohhh bring it on. I'm gonna whoop your ass!” Sakuma could hear people hollering somewhere below him, maybe kids who were playing outside. It was a nice day out for once and the Nameless Road was as peaceful as it could get. It was one of those rare days where there might even be some semblance of happiness around.

Unfortunately the peace and quiet did not last for long.

It was sundown when Sakuma noticed that there must be something wrong. He could hear sounds, sounds that weren’t normal. And then one of his boys came running up to him.

“Doubt has come to pick a fight. They brought explosives and manpower.”

Explosives. Sakuma made a face. Things were going to get rough. “Let’s show them that doing that was a really bad idea.” He leaned over the rail. “FLY!”

The members of Rude Boyz scattered upon hearing the command and spread out to surround their enemy. Their knowledge of the territory was their advantage. They would use it to counter the difference in manpower. As fo the explosives, they would not be able to stop all of them unfortunately but they would be able to use some of them against their enemy, too at least.

Sakuma joined the brawl at the forefront and took on the more difficult task of luring the Doubt members carrying explosives away in order to get a chance at disabling them.

He got the goons to follow him to a part of the Nameless Road where detonations of explosives would not cause too much damage to the buildings and structures and most importantly, where it would not cause any casualties.

A swift kick sent one of the explosives flying and it detonated in the air, others whizzed past his head left and right and detonated behind him on barren ground and concrete.

When he was about to go back to the main battlefield, he found his way blocked. He felt the presence of more people behind him. It dawned on him that Doubt might have used the explosives not as a means of destruction but more as a beacon - they had marked him, knowing that he would be most likely to take on the more difficult tasks.

Sakuma cursed inwardly when he found himself isolated and surrounded. This had been his enemy’s plan all along. Doubt had actually sent someone who had done his homework. And they had gotten reinforcements from prison. Sakuma had heard about one or two of the ringleaders of this Doubt raid. They had been known for their violent and senseless attacks on others before. One of them, currently approaching Sakuma, was towering over him and his body was about twice Sakuma’s size, all solid muscle. It was hard to land a hit that would not hurt Sakuma himself - albeit not impossible. If it hadn’t been for the fact that he was outnumbered and unable to escape because they had cornered him in an open space with nowhere to fly.

The space had not been there before - the Nameless Road was Sakuma’s territory after all - but Doubt had created it purposely. That had been the second purpose of the explosives.

But he was not going to go down without a fight. The situation might seem difficult but it was not hopeless. He would find a way out, he would find a solution. After all, one did not just become the leader of Rude Boyz. One had to earn that title.

In Doubt however, one earned oneself the top positions by playing dirty and using money. And somebody had apparently invested in something nasty.

The tranquilizer dart hit Sakuma unexpected in one of his legs, making it give out from underneath him. Once he was down it was only a matter of moments until he had one goon on each side, holding onto his arms and restraining him. A few direct blows to the gut had him keeling over, coughing and retching.

“Rude Boyz and the Nameless Road will fall and go up in flames tonight,” the burly, leather-clad Doubt thug lifted Sakuma up by the collar of his jacket. “And you won’t be able to do anything but watch before I toss you to the dogs, too. I’m sure Kuryuu will pay a nice price for your head.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that, asshole.”

Suddenly a bunch of cars and jeeps crashed through the burning crates and rows of Doubt members, who had gathered around them and people jumped out to join the fray. They ran towards the inner area of the Nameless Road where the fighting was at its worst and started pulling the black-clad thugs off the Rude Boyz in their ragged shirts and jackets.

A well placed punch sent the thug in the middle of the circle back and he dropped Sakuma again. A kick and a punch got rid of his henchmen who had been holding Sakuma in place.

“Party’s up for you, man. Get out before I make you. Or even worse, send you somewhere really unpleasant.” Iwamoto moved his head left and right to pop the joins in his neck and glared.

“Why are Mighty Warriors helping Rude Boyz? I thought you were doing business with Kuryuu, too!” The thug wiped off some blood from the corner of his lips.

“None of your business.” Iwamoto got serious now.

When Doubt had been successfully driven off, Iwamoto helped Sakuma up and let him to an area away from the smoke and away from prying eyes.

Sakuma leaned his back against a pillar. “I owe you one.”

“Nah. Consider it payback for that one time some of my men showed you the wrong kind of hospitality. Also, some of the guys had been in the need of a good brawl.” Then Iwamoto wrapped his arm around Sakuma and pulled him close. “And you’re something that money can’t buy and nothing and no one can ever replace.”

“You’re a sweet-talker.” Sakuma turned around and then swung himself onto a large crate, spreading his legs as he did so. “Well, on the Nameless Road we believe in equal exchanges when we do barter trades. I feel like we’re not completely even yet so come here. I’ll close that gap,” he lifted his arms, inviting Iwamoto to come into them once more.

“We’ll settle this once I’ve gotten you to a doctor. You look terrible.”

Your turn talisa_ahn
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