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[Team Two] Competitive Streak

One day late! Don't wanna hold the team back so I'm just posting what I have. Ugh, I really wanted to write something but nothing great is coming to mind.

“‘Robot Apocalypse’ is a terribly cheesy name for a 21st century game,” Abe said, rolling his eyes. His arms folding in front of him like a sassy anime character.

“What? Wait, there were games in the 20th century?” Sakuma blinked at his groupmate in disbelief.

“Of course. The first video game was invented in 1958. It’s called… ‘Pong’, I believe?” Abe fired back the trivia like a well-oiled machine. “Obviously a ping pong simulator, of course.”

Sakuma chuckled, a smile blossoming on his face. “That’s very logical!” he quipped.

Abe returned his smile. “Save the memes for when you’re actually on camera,” he pretended to scold him but his expression gave away his fondness for the other's jokes.

Sakuma just chuckled in return, his hand reached out to grab Abe's wrist. He tugged on Abe until the taller one stumbled away from the wall to sit on the cushion laid out beside him.

“Sit!” Sakuma chirped excitedly. “Let's play!” he added wasting no time in throwing the game on the TV in his room.

“Cooperative or competitive?”

“Competitive,” Sakuma decided with a sneaky grin. “Don't underestimate an otaku!”

Abe picked up the second controller, accepting the challenge thrown his way. “Ohhh bring it on. I'm gonna whoop your ass!”

kira_shadow you're up next! ^_^
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