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[team two] hodokyou: redux

Laaaaaaate. 😭😭😭
Like my favorite boy, but his grievances are more forgivable. I'm just a bad potato who shouldn't even be writing.

"My life? For yours?" Juri stammers. He is out of breath, adrenaline still pumping through his veins in the aftermath of saving a child from an incoming car. There is a note of disbelief in his voice when he repeats the words from the man in front of him, fragmented and strange in his own mind. "I mean I get it, you're thankful… but to that extent?" he continues wondering out loud when he has recovered somewhat from the sudden exertion. "I haven't even done much, we just met after all," he tries to reason.

Taiga is a little out of breath himself, relief washing over him. Juri is safe and alive. But then his face is showing a confusing mix of emotions and thoughts that Taiga can't share with Juri any more than he's already let slip. All he manages is a small reply, "You're right."

"Ah, but then again," Juri changes gears, his mind clearer and a lot quicker on the uptake after a few moments' rest. "It was something serious. Someone is out to get you."

"I know," Taiga lets out. "I know,” he says again. “You really did save my life, more than you’ll ever know,” he tells Juri. When he smiles, the upward curve of his lips is strained as if on the verge of breaking and his eyes are wet at the edges. “I just wanted to say thank you. For the last time.”

Concern creases at Juri’s forehead, his brows knitting in worry. “You’re not planning to off yourself, are you? After all that fuss?”

Taiga makes an undignified sound, caught between a cough and a chuckle, before he gives in. He laughs-- the clutching at air and with the entire body kind of laughter. He gives it his all until there are tears in his eyes, finally breaking free, and his laugh turns into quiet sobs.

"I'm sorry," Taiga manages eventually, wiping at his cheeks with the sleeve of his shirt. "I know shouldn't be like this but I can't help it," he says through his tears, and then Juri's reaching out to him with a handkerchief. Taiga blows a messy one on the piece of cloth that Juri offered, and a small smile escapes from his lips. "I'm being silly. But I'm keeping this, so I can have an excuse to see you again. And no, I'm not planning anything sillier than this."

It's your turn, faded_lace
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037, warning: here is a box of tissues, warning: wtfery ahead
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