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[Team One] Sugar Gliders

Yoongi’s butt aches, still, when he climbs up the stairs to the bedroom he shares with Seokjin.

It’s past two in the morning; Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok have just returned from the company building. Yoongi had murmured a ”good night” to them both, leaving them in the middle of their living room as he headed for the stairs, hearing Taehyung and Jimin greet Namjoon loudly as he presumably entered the bedroom he shared with Taehyung. The three youngest, as well as Seokjin, had left an hour earlier than Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi. It wouldn’t surprise Yoongi one bit if Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook had decided to game. Or, Taehyung and Jungkook would game and Jimin would watch, making snide comments and occasionally run to get sodas or chips.

As he ascends the stairs, Yoongi wonders if Seokjin is awake, listening to the howls and yells from Jimin and Taehyung coming from downstairs. They’re so loud that Yoongi doesn’t hear any sound coming from upstairs. But he does see the light that emits from the lamp hanging from the ceiling, bathing the room in a warm, yellow glow. When the sole of his bare foot hits the final step, Yoongi hears Seokjin’s soft hums. He’s close.

Seokjin sits on the floor, long legs curled underneath him as he sits in front of Eomuk and Odeng’s cage. The cage’s front door is open, and one of the two sugar gliders - Yoongi can’t tell them apart - is climbing on Seokjin’s hand, while his brother watches curiously from the safety of the cage. It’s amazing how much Eomuk and Odeng trust Seokjin now. Yoongi remembers when he first brought them home, and they barely looked out of the nest Seokjin had made them. Now, they seemingly recognize Seokjin’s voice, and climbs out of their sleeping place when he coos at them, calling their names, although Yoongi doubts they actually recognize their names. Eomuk and Odeng are not as squirmish or afraid anymore; with Odeng being slightly braver, warmer in his skin than Eomuk is. Odeng is an explorer, while Eomuk prefers quiet cuddles and pets.

Eomuk and Odeng react to the sound of Yoongi’s steps before Seokjin does; two pairs of small, beady eyes look up at him as he walks into Seokjin’s part of the room. Seokjin looks up from Odeng, climbing on his hand, to Yoongi. His eyes immediately sparkle with mischief. Yoongi braces himself.

“Yoongi,” is all Seokjin says, smiling gently at him before looking back to Odeng. Seokjin’s long fingers fumble for dried worms in a small bag next to his outstretched leg, making a noise of triumph when he manages to fish two worms out of the plastic bag, giving one to Odeng, and stretching out his hand to offer one to Eomuk too, who takes it after smelling it first.

Dear wolfodder, you're up! :D
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