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[Team two] jelly jars

Uh... Elementary fic reflecting my mood I guess. Warning for mention of a severed human finger. And also a vague reference to The Quiz Show 2 (from memory tho).

It's enough to feed a small army, Marcus guesses as he surveys the room full of jelly jars. Every inch of table and shelving is covered with all manner of grape, strawberry, and several other less popular flavors.

"What are the odds we'll get lucky on the first jar?" Joan asks as she puts a pair of latex gloves on.

She then cuts off Sherlock's answer about statistical probabilities by pointing out it had been a rhetorical question. Marcus chuckles at the banter, if only to distract himself from the task at hand.

Supposedly there's a severed human finger in one of the jelly jars and they've got to find it. He's seen a lot of gruesome things in his time as a Homicide detective, but he still hopes he's not the one who finds what Sherlock earlier termed the "crackerjack prize."

Marcus opens each jar with a bit of hesitation. But he notices his companions don't seem to mind as much. In fact, the more he watches, the more he thinks they're in some sort of competition with each other to find the finger first.

"Why do you two look like you're competiting in a game show?" he finally asks.

They both pause, looking up in confusion, bits of jelly flecks scattered around them.

"It's a long story," Joan sighs, shaking her head.

Sherlock quickly changes the subject, launching into the story of a case he had once in England that had to do with a game show.

"So as it turned out, the perpetrator used blackmail to hold the entire crew hostage. That way he was able to pick contestants himself and ask them terribly personal questions during filming each episode," he reminisced.

Marcus tilts his head. "What was the point of doing all that?"

"All the contestants were connected in some way to the murder of his sister years ago," Sherlock explained.

"That's... a very complicated revenge plot," Marcus replies.

Joan shrugs. "We've seen weirder."

She then gasps, ending any other conversation in the room. "I found the finger."

Marcus breathes a sigh of relief, glad they could move forward with the case now and leave all the jelly jars behind.

"Good," he says, standing up and making his way towards the door. "I may never be able to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of my life."

Your turn sanadas_sanity
Tags: *team two, fandom: general tv shows, love ranger: alchemicink, warning: wtfery ahead
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