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[Team One] Untitled Hogwarts AU

I'm so so so so so sorry for being extremely late. I blame the holidaaays D:

"Now?" Youngho asks quietly, pausing in his steps, watching as Taeil, who's already a couple of steps ahead of him, walks further before coming to a halt. "Here?"

"Mm," Taeil hums softly, gaze fixed on something in front of him. Slowly, Taeil's hand sinks down in the left pocket of his robes, rummaging for a second or two before his hands come up, fingers curled around a couple of red, fresh slices of meat. Gently, while cooing, Taeil holds them out in front of him. For a couple of seconds, nothing happens, and Youngho briefly wonders if that bludger yesterday had damaged Taeil's brain.

Youngho does not scream when the slices of meat vanishes from Taeil's palm, leaving only droplets of blood behind.

Taeil turns to him, a warm smile on his face, laughter twinkling in his brown eyes as he looks at Youngho for a couple of moments that makes Youngho's heart freeze in his chest before he turns back to face the nothingness in front of him.

Even though Youngho can't see it, he hears it.

Dear wolfodder, you're up! <3
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