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[team three] Hot Chocolate

Lu Han goes Christmas shopping

A kiss on the nose. Then a pinch of his cheek that makes Minseok squawk. Lu Han waves to him as he darts out the door and slams it behind himself. The wind is cold enough turn his nose red by the end of the first block, so turns up the collar of his peacoat and hunkers into the rough wool. Jongdae meets him at station, shivering despite his puffy, shin length coat at the top of the stairs.

“You look freezing cold,” Lu Han says, waving.

“Your face is cold,” Jongdae mutters, already turning to jog down the stairs to the turnstiles. “This trip better not take too long. I promised Baek I’d pick him up from the studio by noon.”

“Aw, how sweet!” Lu Han snakes one of his long arms around Jongdae’s neck to pull him in for a squeeze. Jongdae pretends to choke loudly, scrabbling at Lu Han’s cold fingers where they dig into his bare skin.

“It’s not like that, Hyung! You don’t have to make, I dunno, I big deal out of it!” Lu Han nods, but doesn’t miss the deep blush coloring Jongdae’s face beneath his scowl. “Gee,” Jongdae continues to grumble, “you’re almost as bad as Joonmyun hyung.”

“Now, now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves,” Lu Han says quickly, shuddering at the comparison. He may be older than Joonmyun, but he’s always been young at heart.

Jongdae turns on him with a calculating grin as he swipes his subway card and pushes through the gate. “Don’t forget how much blackmail material I have on you. I even updated my embarrassing photos collection with a few drunk pics of you at Yixing’s Christmas party!”

“You were drunk too,” Lu Han whines, following Jongdae to the platform to wait for their train. “Not fair!”

“I’m always good at taking pics, Hyung.” Jongdae sniffs, then licks his chapped lips. “Drunk, sober, half asleep. Fight me.”

Lu Han grabs him by the neck again in response, rubbing his knuckles into Jongdae’s hair until he’s yelping enough to draw the annoyed glare of an elderly woman sitting on the nearest bench. “You suck,” Lu Han says without any ire as he releases his much shorter friend from his grip.

“Yes, but I am helping you Christmas shop at the last minute for your boyfriend, so be nice to me.”

“Fine.” The train pulls up to the platform, and Lu Han manhandles Jongdae through the open doors before they slide shut. “Hey, thanks,” he says as he sinks into the seat beside Jongdae. It’s early enough that the subway on Line 3 are only half full.
“Don’t mention it,” Jongdae says, slotting his arm around Lu Han’s shoulders, “but you still owe me hot chocolate!”

You're up, iwantchocopie!
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