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[team 3] try to keep up

daily reminder to watch run with the wind. beltenebra skipped, so i'm up.

Run with the Wind, Yuki/Nico-chan, 377 words, PG

One of them already did his homework. It was Shindou because of course it was. Yuki really is going to marry him off to his daughter one day.

"You don't have a daughter," Nico says mildly, not turning around from his computer.

"And you still have homework," Yuki says, blowing his bangs out of his face with exasperation. He flops back onto Nico's futon and stares up at the yellowing, smoke-damaged ceiling. "If you'd started your programming while Shindou updated the website, you'd be done already."

"I work better late at night," Nico says.

"So do I," Yuki says pointedly. He scoffs when Nico ignores him and descends into silence, the only sound in the room the tap-tap of Nico's fingers quick on the keys. Yuki closes his eyes and lets the sound wash over him, pretending it's the thump of some house song with a beat drop, instead of the sound of his -- his -- well, his whatever Nico is to him, ignoring him. Maybe he'll get up and go clubbing now, even if Haiji might tag along. He's just getting into a fantasy about meeting someone there, someone who can meet his needs and keep up with him whenever he wants.

Yuki sighs. Nah. Too much effort. He ran a lot today.

The typing sounds stop abruptly, making Yuki look over. Nico has turned around and is regarding Yuki carefully.

"What?" asks Yuki.

"Not all of us have a year to bum around, you know," Nico says. "For some of us, it's already a lot with school and sleep and Haiji being Haiji. And I started out already behind."

Yuki narrows his eyes. "I only have this year because I worked my ass off for the first three. Don't make it sound like I'm lazy."

Nico starts walking over to Yuki on his knees; Yuki looks back up at the ceiling instead of acknowledging how much he likes that. "You are a little," says Nico. "Lazy and impatient and high-maintenance, too." He hooks his fingers in Yuki's waistband and Yuki allows it, arching up a little. "Why do I like you so much?"

Yuki smiles, lopsided. "Well, I'm very hot," he says.

"Oh right," Nico says and laughs, curling himself over to steal a kiss.


You're up, miyeokguk!
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