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[Team Four] renmin teachers au?

Apologies for running late with such a short entry!

“May I take you home?”

“You bet not.” Renjun strides away from Jaemin, nose upturned with a hint of a smile. He doesn’t look back as he hears the footsteps rushing to catch up to him. His stomach churns as Jaemin’s warmth radiates beside him.

Jaemin’s shoulder nudges Renjun. “Hey, teacher. How about winding down with coffee and tea? Before you go home by yourself as you’ve said.”

“You're hopeless.” A sigh falls amusingly in the air. “Come on. Your treat.”

Renjun's faster stride is the only pulling Jaemin needs. Although, he wishes for his work crush to hold his hand and pull him excitedly to the cafe. The mere thought brings him delight.

Your turn, damagea! :)
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