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[Team Two] High & Low

Slightly different spin on my Snow Man High&Low AU. Instead of having the canon leaders, I made the six of them the leaders of the respective groups. This one only features Iwamoto and Sakuma. More might or might now follow later.

People had left to give in for their need for sleep and rest, so the Funk Jungle had gone silent for the time being. It didn’t mean that all Mighty Warriors were fast asleep, though.

Iwamoto looked up when some of the guys from the ‘border watch’ of their territory came in, dragging someone in chains behind them. He made a face. He didn’t particularly like this bunch. They were new and they had given him bad vibes. So he had just given them ‘jobs’ outside the club in the hopes to not have to deal with them too much.

“Yo, Iwamoto! We caught this Rude Boyz rat who thought he could just saunter around our territory like it was one of his dirty alleys. A real idiot!” Some of the guys jeered and yanked their captive forward by the chains the other had been put in. They let themselves get dragged and did not even stumble when the chain was pulled on. If they were still this comfortable on their feet, there must have been no fight and no resistance to getting captured at all. How strange.

The figure was dressed in the slightly ragged clothes and in the colours of Rude Boyz and sported the other group’s insignia as well. Iwamoto couldn’t see the other person’s face because they had their hood drawn up to obscure their face.

A frown appeared on Iwamoto’s face. If someone was going to sneak into and scout out an enemy’s territory, they wouldn’t wear something so obvious, now would they?

When the prisoner moved forward, he caught a brief glimpse of their face. They were grinning.

“You imbeciles, this is a trap!”

His warning came too late. The chain was pulled back and it easily slipped out of the guys’ grasps. The former captive whipped it around and took the footing of most of the people standing around him. Whoever had not been pulled off their feet soon found themselves chained instead. It all happened within the blink of an eye.

The former captive ran and jumped over the people who were slowly getting up on their feet again and leaped onto furniture and climbed up some of the steel beams and pillars, ultimately landing on top of the tallest speakers in the club. Their hood had fallen off, revealing dark brown hair and a face that sported a scatter of beauty marks.

“Holy shit that’s the leader of Rude Boyz, Sakuma himself!” Iwamoto heard Shintaro gasp somewhere next to him. Well, it figures. No one else would probably have had the guts - or idiocy - to just walk into enemy territory like that.

When he looked up, his and Sakuma’s eyes met. And when they did, Iwamoto felt something like a jolt of electricity go through him when he looked into those eyes. The air seemed to crackle with electricity - but not a hostile, tense kind but one of a more pleasurable nature. All of a sudden Iwamoto felt how he was overcome by unexplainable want.

The feelings dimmed a little when the other disappeared from their sight - attempts at chasing Sakuma had been futile, the other had been too agile and had already had too much of a head start - but they still lingered. When Iwamoto withdrew to his own room, he made a decision.

He would see the other again. Some way or other.

The time for their reunion actually came sooner rather than later. And Iwamoto didn’t even have to do much to bring it about.

It had been when the Funk Jungle had been jam packed with people. But for some reason Iwamoto had felt eyes on him. He’d excused himself and gone outside. The streets behind the club were deserted - everyone was inside, it was the peak time now after all. Movement slightly ahead caught his eyes and he dashed forward, driven by his instincts.

Soon enough, he caught sight of a familiar shock of dark brown hair in the streetlights. It did not stay at eye-level for long but soon moved upwards as the other got ready to ‘fly’ - which was how Rude Boyz called their acrobatic parkour maneuvers.

Only Iwamoto’s superior knowledge of their surroundings allowed him to catch up with Sakuma as the other ‘flew’ away from him. Finally he managed to come within reach of the shorter male and grabbed the Rude Boyz leader’s wrist, pulling him down. The move caused both of them to tumble a bit but they caught themselves again fast and skidded to a halt in a dark alleyway.

Sakuma smiled. “It’s been a while since I met someone who could keep up with me.”

“It’s my first time to see someone fly quite like you.” Iwamoto returned. “Why did you come here? You came to taunt us before. Why come again now that people know your face?”

“I felt like seeing you again.” The other seemed honest.

Iwamoto huffed softly. “Is that so?”

“You wanted to see me again, too, didn’t you?”

Moving towards the other, Iwamoto trapped Sakuma against the wall. “What if I did?”

“Well, you tell me.” Sakuma looked up at the other.

They didn’t say anything else to each other, though, their mouths occupied with other things.

Kissing - and occasionally biting - each other soon became not enough anymore to satisfy both of their desires, so they were forced to change location.

The port area was nobody’s territory, it was outside of SWORD and it bordered what Mighty Warriors had claimed as their turf. All groups used it, including Doubt and even the KyuRyu Group and nobody really ruled over it. In a way, it was neutral territory. But in other ways it was lawless territory as well. Nobody really knew what happened in the port area.

Right now it served its purpose for them. Usually people would hide in the Nameless Road if they did not want to be seen or found. Unfortunately Sakuma was the one person on the Nameless Road who could not hide there. Everyone knew who he was. And bringing Iwamoto along with him to the Nameless Road had not been an option. Just like it had not been an option to go to the Funk Jungle with the other.

So here they were, in a portside hotel.

Looking out of the window, Sakuma found himself thinking of possible escape routes in case he changed his mind. There was no problem. Even from up here, he could find ways to ‘fly’.

“If you try to fly away, I’ll just pull you back down to earth. I’ll keep you here where you belong,” Iwamoto whispered and wrapped his arms around the other from behind, pulling Sakuma against his body and nuzzling the other’s neck. “You’re mine.”

“You’re a greedy guy,” Sakuma smiled and leaned his head to the side to give Iwamoto more access. There was already a darkening bruise on the side of his neck, Iwamoto’s mark. “But I don’t hate that. Because I get it. Someone who’s had nothing and then got his hands on something he really wants, it’s hard to let go of it again.” He turned around in Iwamoto’s arms and then leaned up to kiss the other. “Even if it might kill you.”

“Danger’s never stopped me before,” Iwamoto whispered in between kisses and then he pushed Sakuma back and eventually down onto the mattress.

“Me neither.”

Your turn talisa_ahn :)
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