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[Team Two] More Fantasy AU

Sorry this is all I can manage >_< Rather than skipping, I'll post what I have so far. Doesn't really go anywhere, I just wanted to have KyomoHokku arguing XDDD


“I’m here to make sure you haven’t followed after him just yet,” Hokuto said as he stood at the doorway, blocking off Taiga’s path completely with one hand pressed to the wooden door frame.

“Get out of my way, asshole. Juri needs my help!” Taiga yelled, fury bubbling up within him. “You probably don’t care at all, but I do!”

“Hey! I wasn’t trying to stop you completely but you’re being too rash here. Do you even have a plan?”

“...I have a sword!” Taiga retorted. His argument so flimsy, Hokuto could hear the confidence draining from his words.

“You’re not that good at swordplay,” Hokuto said drily.

Taiga fumed. His hands landed on his hips as he looked at Hokuto defiantly. “I beat you when we duelled!”

“Beating a mage in a swordfight is nothing to brag about,” Hokuto scoffed, his eyebrow raised mockingly.

“Well fuck you too!” Taiga snarked, retreating back into the room, sitting on one of the inn’s beds. He sighed deeply. “Then what do you suggest?”

Hokuto smiled softly. Taiga reminded him so much of her it was cute if it wasn’t so awkward between them. Plus, he was with Juri and he owed Juri for freeing him from his curse. He folded his arms, shaking the thoughts away.

“I think we should recruit more people.”

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