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[TEAM THREE] Horsing Around

This is a ficlet I would dearly love some fanart for. Hero of the Steppes Otabek photoshoot complete with manly bare chest and probably a bow and a hawk or something? Sign me up!! ^__^

“A horse?!” Yuri told himself that his voice did not sound shrill and panicked, he was just displaying the proper amount of disbelief. And the amount of concern any sane person would express for their friend. That was it.

“Yeah, a horse,” Otabek replied calmly as if this were a perfectly normal thing to say. Yuri’s skepticism must have been very clear because Otabek followed it up with a faint smile, one of those tiny, worldly smirks that made Yuri’s blood boil and his cheeks flush. From irritation, probably. “They want to do a kind of traditional warrior, hero of Kazakhstan kind of photo shoot. What, you’ve never been on a horse before?”

“What part of my growing up entirely in large urban areas, carefully shepherded through the most rigorous athletic training in the world for a sport where intact limbs are taken very seriously implies frequent horse riding,” Yuri snapped back.

Otabek just shrugged, still amused. “What? I’ve gone through similar training and I’ve ridden horses plenty of times.”

“Yeah, well, some of us didn’t have picturesque family estates in the mountains, rich boy.”

That earned him a laugh, which delighted him despite his irritation. Yuri knew that very few people could get a genuine laugh out of Otabek and it pleased him more than it should that he could manage it consistently.

“Come to the shoot, I’ll show you what all the fuss is about.”

Yuri rolled his eyes but with Otabek smiling that small, private smile at him, dark eyes glowing, how could he possibly refuse.

A week later after an hour of watching Otabek look infuriatingly attractive on a horse Yuri found himself boosted up to sit in front of Otabek. ‘Relax’ he told himself, this is barely different from riding on Beka’s bike. Except that on the bike Yuri always rode behind Otabek so he could hold himself back a little and they both wore heavy jackets and helmets.

Here he could feel the entire length of Otabek’s torso against his back, Otabek’s bare skin hot through the thin material of his t-shirt, their hips nested together, Otabek’s arms close around him holding the reins. “I’m glad you’re trusting me with your first time,” Otabek chuckled and if they weren’t so absurdly high up Yuri would have elbowed him in the stomach.

Yuri swallowed hard and did his best to think calm, clean thoughts. ‘You will not swoon like one of those bimbos on the cover of a trashy novel just because you’re on a freaking horse with Beka. That would be ridiculous.’

But then Otabek murmured in his ear that they should take a quick lap around the park and then the horse was moving which meant they were moving, which really meant their hips rocking together with the gentle motion of the horse’s gait. Yuri gasped involuntarily and Otabek chuckled darkly in his ear and all of that was really fucking unfair. But Yuri was never one to go down without a fight. He figured if this was happening he might as well go all in. With a small smile of his own he slid one hand up Otabek’s thigh for “balance” and made sure his mouth grazed the line of Otabek’s jaw when he turned his head to reply that they might as well.

Before they had gone very far Yuri could swear he heard a few more snaps of the camera shutter from where the photographer was packing up. He wondered if he could get copies of the pictures. After all, first times were always important.

marksykins is skipping so I'm turning this directly over to you, miyeokguk!
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