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[team one] untitled

omg I completely lost track of time so I just cooked up this little piece ;u;

“There. Anyway,” starts Hongbin, after pointing out the exit from the headquarters, “You’re safest here, to be honest. I wouldn’t recommend going out alone.”

“I know.” Wonsik sighs. “Well, I don’t know entirely, still, but I trust you, I think.”

Hongbin looks slightly disappointed by that, but composes himself well enough. “You’ll learn to trust us for real, hopefully. I know it’s a lot to deal with, having been under hypnosis for so long, but we’re really just trying to be free from the influences of the government.”

It is a lot to deal with, and Wonsik still doesn’t know where to start, but if he’s safe from hypnosis here, this is where he wants to stay. At the very least, for now.

amaxingbaek you're up!!
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