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[Team Four] Seeking Halcyon in Traversal (excerpt)

Apologies for the lateness!

“Please, do continue.” Jaemin's eyes sparkle with the burning lícomar—candles—around them. Jongin smiles at the youth's curiosity of the world, a sense of familiarity springing forth. “I have never gone past Tarwirin and Hravataurë. Is it not such a disappointment that I have not even sailed across Úrfalassë and admired úrquilë (fireworks) from the isle of their makers? I should think that visiting there is one of my life goals, heru.”

“You have the passion of a traveler, heruncë. If permitted, why not join me and Kyungsoo in going there?” Jongin offers with a hopeful heart and an encouraging countenance. He has discerned the slight change in Kyungsoo's temperament as they spend time with Jaemin. The young man's warm and charming personality nurtures Kyungsoo's desolate soul. He prays that Jaemin travels with them. “You don't have to decide or ask permission just yet. We will not be leaving anytime soon.”

The offer appeals greatly to Jaemin's interest. He nods despite the uncertainty of gaining permission to leave his apprenticeship. “I cannot express well the joy your invitation brings me, heru. Thank you for extending such an opportunity to me.”

Your turn, damagea :)
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