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[Team One] Christmas WIP #4948290384902

I think I have a thousand christmas wips by now... I never finish them :(

Exception, today is an exception, Jungkook thinks as he trudges through the snow. Jungkook feels like a walking, breathing snowman. It’s December and it has been snowing almost non-stop for three days and while Jungkook wants nothing more than a white Christmas, this is a little bit too much. He’s got his black beanie tugged down so it sits on his head like a bathing cap, his thick, home-knitted scarf wrapped a dozen times around the back of his head and around his neck, covering everything from his nape and down to his shoulders. Jungkook is barely able to see through the tiny opening between his beanie, pulled down to his eyebrows and the scarf that’s covering his mouth and nose. He wishes he brought his snow goggles because the snowflakes are sticking to his eyelashes so his entire vision almost turns white.

Because of the snow there’s almost no buses running, most of the roads closed. Jungkook thinks he could catch a subway but he’s too close now so he quickly decides against it. All the stores Jungkook passes are brightly lit, decorated with tinsel and plastic snow globes that change color. Briefly, Jungkook pauses in front of a window decorated with red and green Christmas lights, squinting at the price of the newest XBOX One. He really wants it for Christmas and he has not-so-subtly suggested it for his parents. They haven’t told him no, but Jungkook knows they’ll probably offer to pay his rent for a month or two instead. It’s more practical, they insisted.

Wistfully, he throws a last glance in the direction of the XBOX before he walks away. A part of him wants to tell his friends that he wants it and maybe they could all go together and pay for it – it wouldn’t be as expensive but, Jungkook could never ask his friends for something that expensive. Luckily he’s got some money saved up from working part-time during the summer. It’s not enough but it’s a start.

When he arrives at the apartment building, Jungkook spends a couple of minutes jumping and shaking his body to get rid of as much snow as possible. With gloved hands, Jungkook brushes snow away from his head, shoulders and the front of his scarf. After a couple of minutes, he deems himself as snow-free as he gets, he steps in.

The apartment complex is old, made in the late 70s and could probably use a refurbishing. The inside is clean, but the wooden panel on the walls is old, the tiled floor cracked and there’s a smell akin to kimchi lingering in the hall. There’s no elevator, so Jungkook has to climb up four flights of stairs, fully wrapped in his winter clothes. When he reaches the fifth floor, he has started to sweat inside his layered cocoon of wool, his scarf sticking to the back of his neck.

Jungkook is panting a bit as he walks down the hall, the thuds of his winter boots echoing off the wall until he stops at apartment 507.

The smell of food is the first thing that hits Jungkook as he enters Seokjin’s apartment. The door is never closed unless Seokjin is out or asleep. Besides he had invited them all for dinner. Wisely, he hasn’t trusted any in their group of friends with a copy of his key, save for Yoongi who practically lives there anyway.

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