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[team two]

Late again. I've been struggling with words and internal demons. I still am. But it's been so long and this is still shorter than ever. More from the Todome no Kiss drama AU.

"Eventually, you'll have to get up from there," a voice suddenly speaks up.

Taiga turns toward the sound, surprised because he came alone. He finds himself staring straight into Hokuto's eyes, his gaze dark and piercing even at a distance, as Hokuto stands by the open door. His body curls into a seemingly protective ball around the urn, arms wrapping more tightly around them.

Hokuto chuckles darkly at Taiga's movement. "I'm not gonna hurt you. Or him." He steps further into the room and drops to his knees, bringing himself on the same level of Taiga's gaze. "It's not like I could make him any more dead than he already is, anyway."

"What are you doing here?" Taiga spits, but the hoarseness of his voice made the remark less venomous than he intended.

"Paying ny respects," Hokuto replies simply, ignoring the glare Taiga sends his way, unaffected by the hostility in Taiga's eyes. He looks at the urn in Taiga's arms, with affection pouring for the person whose remains are inside. "But more importantly, I'm here to make sure you haven't followed after him just yet."

Your turn, faded_lace.
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037, warning: here is a box of tissues, warning: wtfery ahead
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