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[Team Two] Moving Day

I'm still trying to write some angstshipping, except I'll apparently never get to the part with Ryou. Sigh. I mean, theoretically I will get to a point in this story where Malik is not constantly angsty.

He’s looking forward to it. That’s what he keeps telling himself anyway. If he keeps repeating it, it’ll be true eventually. Rishid had optimistically told him to think of the move as an “adventure,” as if every adventure novel Malik had ever managed to read hadn’t had something really awful go wrong along the way for the protagonist.

Malik puts the last bit of tape on the box to seal it up, and then takes a step back to survey his now empty room. It feels like double the size it originally was without his stuff crammed into every corner. He wonders if Isis will ask him to dust the room before they leave and if he can think of a good excuse to avoid the task. At least he’s not moving into a house boat again this time, so the three of them will have some space to adjust.

He had never expected to return to Japan, let alone Domino City again. There’s a good chance he’ll bump into Yugi and his friends. He doesn’t really want to dredge up the demons of the past again, not after he’s settled into a somewhat normal life. He just wants to have the opportunity to live peacefully, something that had been denied to him for such a large portion of his life so far.

He can hear Rishid calling him from down the hall, asking if he’s ready to start moving some boxes.

Malik sighs. Domino City is big city, so maybe the odds of him running into anyone he knows is slim. He bends down to grab the nearest box, wincing a little as he tries to adjust to its weight. His motorcycle helmet is one of the things shoved inside.

He’s looking forward to it, Malik repeats again like a neverending mantra in his mind. That’s what he keeps telling himself. If he keeps repeating it, it’ll be true eventually.

Your turn now sanadas_sanity
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