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[team three] you're a dumbphone

tsukishima being an unrepentant jerk is still my favorite thing.

"I'll have the cutesy pictures to prove it!" Tsukishima hopped away, laughing, holding his phone above Hinata's head and laughing harder as Hinata tried jumping again. He was so entertained that he barely noticed that the word cutesy had come out of his mouth, which Hinata would have pointed out if he wasn't busy hopping like a kangaroo.

"Tsukishima, don't show that to anyone," Hinata begged breathlessly, though it came out pretty broken up, what with the way he was airborne in between each word. That was a picture of Kageyama slumped against a wall and Hinata pinning him against it. Kageyama's hands were tangled up in Hinata's messy hair and Hinata had a leg trapped between both of Kageyama's thighs. Oh, and they were totally sucking face, eyes closed and cheeks red. There was even a little bit of tongue.

Hinata might have found it hot, if it didn't exist because Tsukishima was a fucking bastard.

"Please?" Hinata said, finally pausing in his up-down desperation. He didn't want this getting out, not yet. They weren't dating, like, officially, even if Hinata sort of, kind of, maybe wanted to. He didn't want the team knowing yet, or hell, the whole school. And he definitely didn't want that jerk Tsukishima knowing, but he guessed that ship had already sailed. Hinata, desperate, glanced back at Kageyama. And some help he was, still staring dumbly at both of them, the possibility of sex destroying the two braincells he usually had and leaving the one dedicated to volleyball. Hinata switched to prayer hands, begging. "If you delete it, I'll -- I'll -- uh --" He trailed off, unable to think of anything Tsukishima wanted that Hinata had.

Tsukishima just laughed.

But Kageyama kicked off the wall and walked over to them, lifting up on his toes, high enough and fast enough to swipe Tsukishima's phone out of his hand before he could react. It was pretty hot. Okay, Hinata revised, very hot.

But then Kageyama thumbed at Tsukishima's phone and wrinkled up his forehead. "I don't know how to delete pictures," he muttered.

"Too bad they don't make dumbphones," Tsukishima said, plucking his phone out of Kageyama's hand again.

"You're a dumbphone," Kageyama shot back, as Hinata faced Tsukishima again, squared his shoulders and blurted out, "I'll tell everyone about what you and Yamaguchi did!"

To be honest, Hinata didn't know anything about what Tsukishima and Yamaguchi did. But Tsukishima's eyes went wide and his face went white as a sheet, so whatever it was made Hinata intensely curious. But for now, Hinata just pointed at Tsukishima's phone impatiently.

He deleted the picture.

Your turn, miyeokguk.
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