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[team two] thin floors and tall ceilings part iv

According to LJ I’m a day late but according to my email notification I’m on time, so let’s go with that. ^^ Continued from part iii. Continued in part v.

[thin floors and tall ceilings]

“Together,” Draco reminds himself, thinking of their conversation yesterday. It's not that he's dependant on Harry, but it's easier to remember that he's not in this alone when there's someone else breathing the same space with him. Someone who knows him.

There's a fluttering sound from somewhere above him, and Draco stiffens, instinctively looking up. It's just a pigeon though, not another swift bearing yet another message. He can't help glancing around, but if anyone noticed his reaction, they aren't looking at him now. It's perfectly reasonable to be wary of birds anyway, what with the way they seem to leave droppings wherever they please.

The sidewalks here always seem so empty compared to Diagon Alley or even London in general. Draco still feels a tiny spark of delight as he stops in front of a bookshop window to peer at the display, no risk of being jostled. He doesn't have a reason to be here today, but his readings and assignments are all already done as usual, and he’s been thinking about the coffee shop Harry mentioned yesterday, or rather, the lack thereof. Harry has classes right now, so there's no risk of running into him. Not that it matters, but something about this is making Draco feel warmly secretive.

Once he's through the revolving doors of the city library, the space where a coffee shop used to be is indeed a sad sight. The lobby is defined by the empty counter and dusty food display. It’s no surprise that it makes Draco feel a little hollow, but the loneliness sticks anyway. It was pretty much a done deal from the start, even before he knew it.

Sitting at a study table along the reading steps of the library proper as he pens a letter to his solicitor for a change, Draco can already anticipate the arguments that will soon be headed his way. He's looking forward to it.

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