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Weeks ago Mousi pretty much gave me my marching orders to write a KiriBaku Disneyland date. This is the beginning of said date. I'll most likely continue this at some point in the near future for obvious reasons. :D

"My mom said we had to go."

Bakugou growled defensively before Kirishima could even greet him properly, both of them blinking sleepily in the early morning quiet of the station.

Just before bed last night Kirishima’s phone dinged in what he assumed was the normal ‘Make sure to get enough sleep, idiot’ goodnight text from Bakugou but instead he got ‘I know you’re free tomorrow. We’re going to Disneyland. Meet me at the station at 7.’

Kirishima fell into step with Bakugou, bumping their shoulders gently. "Good morning to you too, Blasty."

Bakugou rolled his eyes at Kirishima’s bright grin and laced their fingers together before stuffing their linked hands into his coat pocket. "She said-" Bakugou did the squeaky annoying voice that sounded nothing like his mom but always made Kirishima laugh "If you haven’t had a Disneyland date are you even a real couple?!"

He chuckled just like Bakugou knew he would. “We missed Halloween.”

“I’m sure they’ll have rolled right through into Christmas. And you like that sappy shit.”

He looked over with a sly smile, knowing that despite the gruff front Bakugou put up that he probably also wanted a Disney Christmas season date. At least a little bit. And he was blushing just the tiniest bit. Holy shit that was never not going to be the cutest thing.

They boarded a mostly empty train, the first of three to get all the way to Maihama, and slumped down, leaning into each other. “You know we’re going to have to get matching ears.”

Bakugou grumbled quietly but didn’t open his eyes.

“Probably Christmas ones with sparkly holly or some crap.”

At that Bakugou turned his face into Kirishima’s neck, nuzzling just a little in a move that he knew was guaranteed to derail whatever train of thought Kirishima had going. “Ok, ok.”

Bakugou’s sleepy voice was muffled, humming ever so slightly against Kirishima’s skin. “You’re definitely Minnie.”

“I kinda figured,” Kirishima replied with a smile, closing his eyes against the sunrise and wondering how many churros they could safely consume in one day.

“We’re not just a real couple, we’re the best couple,” Bakugou added with an air of finality.

Kirishima squeezed Bakugou’s hand gently, “And we’ll have the cutesy pictures to prove it.”

You're up, marksykins!
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