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[team one] cinderella cinderella

A bit late, but here's a little part of a possible Cinderella-type AU ^^

“I won’t be with you,” says Jaehwan, straightening Hakyeon’s suit jacket, “because well, I don’t think magic would go over very well in the royal court. You know how it is.”

“I don’t, really,” mumbles Hakyeon. It’s not like he’s ever had the chance to see what the royal court is really like.

“Anyway, I’m gonna try to watch from the sidelines so I can step in if you need me! You’ll do fine though, you’ll charm the pants off everyone you meet.” Jaehwan grins, eyes shining, making confidence bubble up in Hakyeon. He has had that effect on him ever since they met, not more than a few months ago.

"Thank you, Jaehwan," says Hakyeon softly. "Without you… I would still be stuck in that horrible house with horrible people. You saved me."

Somehow, the grin widens. "That's my job! Not that it hasn't been an absolute pleasure to be around you, cutie." He pats Hakyeon's cheek, and Hakyeon can't help but blush slightly. Jaehwan doesn't seem to notice, thankfully. For a fairy, he's not very perceptive— unless, of course, he's just ignored Hakyeon's somewhat lingering looks. That would be an awkward rejection.

Something about his wording feels off, though. "But— you're not leaving me after this, are you?" I need you, he almost blurts, but that would be embarrassing, not to mention cruel guilt if Jaehwan doesn't plan to stick around.

Jaehwan cocks his head. "Well, not if you don't want me to. Technically my job was to help you out of your home situation and grant your wish — to go to the royal ball. After that I'm practically free unless I get another job. But if you still want to see me I'll happily hang around."

"I'd love that," says Hakyeon, maybe a little too fast; it doesn't hurt, though, when Jaehwan only smiles again, but a more soft, warm smile this time, and he can only smile back and hope they don't grow too far apart.

How foolish is he to have fallen for his fairy guardian? But then, how can one not fall for a beautiful, kind and carefree spirit such as Jaehwan's?

"Okay, let's go," says Jaehwan after some time checking Hakyeon's outfit. "Time to enter your giant pumpkin carriage."

"Wait, do you really have a giant pumpkin carriage?"

"I do now! Magic," he reminds Hakyeon.

"Oh. Right."

"Everything will be just fine." Jaehwan squeezes his hand gently. "Just go in there and have fun, okay? You deserve this."

He doesn’t know that he does, but he’ll take this chance; with Jaehwan gently pushing him outside, there is no way he can’t do so.

Tentatively, heart thumping loudly, he steps into the giant pumpkin. It’s clean inside, for all intents and purposes it is simply a carriage, but with the exterior of a pumpkin. “This is so strange,” he whispers. Jaehwan sits across from him and beams.

“Off to the ball we go.”

Up next is you, amaxingbaek!

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