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93rdfragment is skipping so it's my turn then! Just a random scene from a fic I want to write and finish properly, heavily inspired by HIMYM.

“It's his loss but I don't really care about the grade we both get if he continues bossing me around like that--”, Sehun continued rambling about the guy he was supposed to make a presentation with for his psychology course. He pushed the buttons for a door code machine and opened the door, gesturing Baekhyun to step inside before him.

It was their second date, they had gone to eat some dakgalbi and had talked about random things, mostly about University and people they both knew. And while Baekhyun had nothing to do afterwards he didn't want to say no to Sehun's suggestion he could show his place since he lived nearby. Baekhyun hadn't been sure if that had been a hint for a wish of some sexual intercourse by the other male, and truth to be told, he wasn't completely against that either if things would escalate for that.

“What a nice apartment, it seems quite big!” Baekhyun praised as he leaned a bit forward from the foyer.

Sehun smiled. “It's actually thanks to my flatmate, his grandparents own this place so they let us live here for a reasonable rent!”

A flatmate, huh? Sehun hadn't mentioned he didn't live alone. Well, that explanation made sense since who on earth could live in such a place if they lived alone let alone were a student.

After taking off his shoes and being led further inside Baekhyun let his eyes travel around the small-ish living room. It looked cozy and nice, surprisingly nice actually for being a flat of two male students who couldn't automatically be considered as tidy. Next to the couch there was a book shelf which was filled with a lot of games, tons of blu-rays and a few books.

Baekhyun turned down carefully closely at and studied the contents.

“Wow, you like Star Wars!” he exclaimed with a surprised happy tone as his eyes caught the neat row of blu-rays of the whole saga. He knew all the movies by his heart and he had always felt a bit lonely when Jongdae or Minseok or his other University friends never showed even a tad enthusiasm towards all the nerd stuff Baekhyun was rapt about.

Sehun looked up as Baekhyun's eyes were still appraising the movie collection.

“Oh, those... actually, they don't belong to me.”

Baekhyun blinked and turned to look at Sehun. “How come?”

“They are my flatmate's. He's a huge fan,” Sehun explained, frowning and scratching his neck, “but that doesn't mean I wouldn't like them too! We've watched all of them together, held movie marathons. Quite a few times.”

Baekhyun nodded but felt he failed at hiding his disappointment since this meant it would require them to borrow these blue-rays from Sehun's roommate if two of them wanted to hold their own marathon.

“Oh, I see.”

The oppressing awkward silence fell between them and Baekhyun decided it would be the safest to find another topic to chat about. He carefully sat down on couch and in that moment Baekhyun spotted an electric guitar in the corner of the living room and his eyes were again full of excitement since obviously Sehun was a musician.

“So you play, huh...?” he said, his eyes lighting up, and made a pointing gesture between the guitar case and the other male.

“Can't play at all really,” Sehun laughed dryly, sounding amused. “In fact, that's also my flatmate's. He's a guitarist.”

Baekhyun felt embarrassed, feeling the burning blush creeping to his ears. “Oh, that's nice!” he forced himself to comment because it would be awkward not to.

“He's in a band,” Sehun continued. “University band, you know. In fact, they play at Butterfly every Friday.”

Baekhyun didn't know anyone who would be in a band but that did sound quite impressing since it Butterfly was a well-known bar around their campus area. “What, that's cool! What kind of a band, what is it called?” he asked, interested.

Sehun raised his eyebrow. “Yeah... that's cool,” he repeated Baekhyun's words slowly. “It's called Exo and they are doing surprisingly well. Also my best friend plays in the same band and they've gained quite a huge fanbase for an amateur band. But really hyung, we're not here to talk about my flatmate the whole night, right?”

“Oh, sorry,” Baekhyun mumbled. How embarrassing. This wasn't going too well.

“If I were more sensitive, I'd be a bit offended, Baekhyun-hyung. It's starting to feel like you're more interested in my flatmate than me!” Sehun said teasingly.

Baekhyun gulped and let out a nervous laugh to join the amused sounds Sehun made but he realized it did sound a bit forced.

“That's funny! But no worries, huh!”

Afterwards they ended up talking about PUBG and watching some variety from television while talking about their upcoming courses. And in the end Baekhyun didn't end up staying over and after wishing a good night he didn't even turn around to kiss or hug or make any that kind of a gesture for Sehun.


“I've seriously started thinking my date would be more suitable for you,” Sehun sighed and flopped down on his flatmate's bed.

“What are you talking about?” the other questioned, not turning around, while humming along the chords he quietly played with an acoustic guitar on his lap.

“He was interested in all those things you like! And the only thing we had in common to make a talk about was PUBG - which I was only introduced to thanks to you!”

“Don't be ridiculous. I bet he likes you.”

“Maybe you should date him really,” Sehun didn't give up his whining, uttering another long sigh.

The other stopped playing for a second and turned around just to shake his head towards Sehun's direction.

“Stop talking nonsense,” his flatmate stated simply.

That would never happen.

Okay, orangegreenlove, you're up!
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