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[Team Three] When in Doubt

In which Kaidou is oblivious and Inui looks to dubious sources for relationship advice.
"Now we're even, Senpai," Kaidou said. He set a handful of change onto Inui's desk as he spoke; a hundred yen coin escaped and nearly rolled off of the edge before Inui caught it.

"For what?" Inui asked.

"Yesterday. I didn't have my wallet. You paid for my drink. I'm paying you back now."
Inui rubbed his temples. He would have protested, except Kaidou had already left. Instead, he opened his notebook to his notes from the day before

April 27th: Went on a date with Kaidou today. I invited him to the coffee shop at the end of the street. They've started selling protein shakes, and data collection offered a convenient excuse for an invitation. Kaidou agreed, and he didn't argue when I paid for his drink. This is a departure from his previous behavior (see current volume p.5, 17, and 26; previous volumes pages indexed under "Kaidou, Kaoru -- Excursions to eating establishments with). Communication of nature of trip successful? Needs further investigation, but early data are promising. Probability today's date was a success: 80%.

Clearly his hypothesis had been wrong. Not the first time that had happened, but definitely one of the more frustration. He struck through the outdated information and added an addendum to the page.

April 28th: Additional data has come to light that invalidates previous conclusions. Kaidou today paid me the cost of his drink and admitted to having forgotten his wallet yesterday. Communication does not appear to have been achieved. Probability yesterday's date was a success: 13%. Further guidance needed (talk to Tezuka?)


Inui muttered to himself as he stared at the unholy knot sitting on his desk. It had been three days since the ill-fated attempted date with Kaidou, but a conversation with Tezuka had yielded useful information. Or, at least it had seemed that way at the time. Now, staring at the tangled mess before him that looked nothing like the diagram on his computer screen, Inui was not so confident. He poked at it until he caught sight of one of his missing ends. It wasn't easy teasing apart the slippery loops to reach it, but he finally managed to catch it between his fingernails.

Then, his chair jolted unexpectedly, and he dropped the entire thing. "What're you working on, Inui?" Eiji asked, peering over his shoulder. "Oh, fishing line? Is Tezuka trying to rope you into his hobby again?"

"No. I asked for advice, and he proposed this as a solution, but I seem to have miscounted somewhere along the way."

"What were you trying to do? Hang a model in your bedroom or something?"

Inui looked around to make sure the coast was clear before he answered. "It was an interpersonal question. Tezuka said the first step is always to choose the appropriate bait. Then, make sure the line is strong enough to hold, and don't drop your guard as you reel in your catch. Given the most recent data I have on Kaidou's weight, and the tensile strength of this fishing line, I've calculated that I need at least eight strands to withstand a maximum force of twice--"

"Nya, Inui, that was a metaphor!" Eiji cut in. "Plus, Tezuka should never be your primary source for relationship advice. Right, Oishi?"

"Hmmmmm." Oishi made a noncommittal noise from the corner where he had been trying to retreat from the fray behind a heavy book.

"No hiding, Oishi," Eiji whined. "Come over here and help us think up with a better plan for getting Kaidou's attention."

Inui checked his watch as Oishi pulled another chair up to the desk. "Estimated time until Kaidou returns: 7.5 minutes."

"We'll just have to be quick then, won't we?" Eiji said with a grin. "Let's get started."

You're up mousapelli
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