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[team two] monkey business kiss

I'm sorry for always being like this. Late. I was in the middle of a draining af work week and I should've just skipped. More apologies because I don't even know what I'm doing. But have at it, I guess?

"Right now?! Are you serious?" Taiga asks. He turns to Juri first, his expression as incredulous as the tone of his question, and then he shifts to Hokuto. Taiga wills himself to level a more relaxed gaze at Hokuto, fully aware that the younger man has nothing to do with Juri's request. Well that, plus the fact that they were all standing on stage with some odd-thousand fans sitting around them, and everyone is watching their every move.

"You're lucky we are at work right now, or you will so get it," Taiga whispers to Juri, inaudible to the audience but broadcasted to the members and the rest of the crew through their in-ear monitors, as he makes his approach toward Hokuto.

Hokuto has a shy and bashful look about him, hesitant in his actions with Taiga standing so close, all while hamming up the awkward "business funaka" atmosphere that get the fans riled up over the two of them.

Taiga sends another brief and barely-there glare at Juri, and then he's right in front of Hokuto, brushing his finger over the younger man's cheek before settling to cup them within his palm. He watches as Hokuto's eyes flutter shut, head titting back just a smidge, as Taiga presses their lips in a chaste kiss. This time it's a straightforward kiss, without pretentious angles and without Pocky as a barrier.

All yours, faded_lace.
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037
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