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[Team two] challenge

This is supposed to be a part of a weird AU I was writing, but I'll probably forget I wrote this later and not actually add it into the story. Whoops.

"No matter what, I will get to the bottom of this," Yuto declares in a booming, dramatic voice.

Takaki has never seen Yuto look so determined before. Not even that time he vowed to climb the tallest tree in the village with only one hand just to prove he could. (He actually only made it to the second branch before it cracked off and sent him flying to the ground. Unfortunately for Yuto, the tallest tree in the village was also the skinniest tree and unable to support the weight of more than two sparrows at a time.)

"I will get to the bottom of this and it's going to be great," Yuto says again, grinning at the giant bowl of ice cream in front of him. It was roughly twice the size of his head.

"Well, get on with it already," Yamada demands, looking annoyed. "We have other customers to attend to."

Takaki looks around the coffee shop but he only sees the guy still asleep at the table in the corner, clearly not in need of any attention.

"Good luck," Chinen says as Yuto dramatically holds up his spoon in preparation for the first bite of ice cream. "We haven't had anyone challenge the Mega Ice Cream Bowl in months."

Yamada narrows his eyes in remembrance. "The last guy cried. But he was so cold his tears froze."

Yuto's optimism, however, is undeterred.

But before he can get the first bite to his mouth, the entire shop is interrupted by someone new entering through the front door. The stranger wastes no time with introductions, and instead shouts something weird in a loud voice.

"Everyone, take off your shoes right now!"

Have fun sanadas_sanity
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