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[team one] dress to impress

I'm a master of titles (not really) :') Anyway this is a rushed little thing. It's actually space au but it doesn't necessarily read like that at this point lmao.

“Fashion isn’t exactly your strong suit. Let me find something for you.” Hakyeon bounded off the bed, right past Jaehwan and a confused Sanghyuk with a gleeful grin, and out of the bedroom.

“Should we… follow him?” Sanghyuk glanced at Jaehwan.

“Nah. He’ll be back in five to thirty minutes,” said Jaehwan, climbing into bed. At Sanghyuk’s frown, he shrugged. “Fashion takes time, dude. He’s picking out clothes. Let him have his fun!”

Sure enough, it took about ten minutes before Hakyeon reemerged with a bundle of clothes in his arms, partly obscuring his face. He dropped the bundle on top of the two boys. “Get up. We’re gonna try some things.”

amaxingbaek you're up!! :D
Tags: *team one, fandom: vixx, love ranger: wolfodder
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