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[team two] thin floors and tall ceilings part iii

First of all, I’m really sorry about the delay—I’ve had a hectic few days and didn’t have a chance to post—in retrospect I should have skipped but here we are. Continued from part ii. Continued in part iv.

[thin floors and tall ceilings]

“Later,” Draco says, consonants muffled as he presses buttons on the remote. For all that Harry should supposedly be better at these things, Draco has taken to technology like a child in a candy shop. But then again, he seems to find delight in reading the instruction manuals that Harry is used to having seen Dudley disregard, their dense wording not unlike the textbooks he still remembers from Hogwarts.

”Alright then, ” he relents, settling onto the cushions next to Draco and pulling a blanket off the arm to tuck over their legs. ”What are we watching?” It’s been longer than Harry would have liked since he has had a chance to sit down and watch something with Draco. Sure, he had a paper and mid-terms, but today’s Hermione would say that’s no excuse to bury himself in studying. Draco has just as much coursework, after all.

”I've been waiting to watch this with you, ” Draco says, the grin on his face further reassuring Harry’s decision to take an evening off from studying.

”It’s not some documentary on advanced chemistry, is it?” Harry asks. Draco and Netflix had been a dangerous combination from the start.

”You’ll see, ” Draco says, moving through screens so quickly that Harry doesn't have a chance to read the name of whatever they're watching.

Throughout the bewildering first episode of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Draco doesn't stop laughing. Harry is happy, but also wants to punch him.

”I don't know what I just watched, ” he says when it’s over.

”I wish I’d had this—” Draco begins, before stopping abruptly, tucking his chin into the folds on the blanket and covering his mouth.

”Yeah, ” Harry says. He doesn't need to hear the end of the sentence. ”Me too.” He leans over a bit further, resting his head on Draco’s shoulder. The long line of his arm is warmed as it lies along Draco’s side.

”We have it now, ” Draco murmurs into his hair, warm breath tickling the skin of Harry’s ear. They sit there in the dimness of the room, listening to the looping theme song playing on low volume. Despite all the things they still need to think about, the decisions they’ll need to make, Harry feels completely content.

”We’ll always have this, ” he says. ”No matter what.”

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