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[Team One] Fashion

Sorry, sorry!!!! My aunt came on a surprise visit, and I had no time to write, but here is, super short but, it's something.

"You mean this one?"

Yoongi looks up from his phone to see Namjoon stand in front of him, wearing the ugliest shirt Yoongi has ever seen; and that's saying something, considering he has grown up with Jung Hoseok and all his "fashion" experimenting back in junior high. Yoongi thinks his disgust is showing on his face, because Namjoon's expression quickly goes from beaming to uncertain.

"It's hideous isn't it?" Namjoon says before Yoongi can open his mouth and ease Namjoon's uncertainty. Namjoon's face morphs into one of sadness and Yoongi feels a slight urge to get up from his bed and wrap Namjoon in a blanket, hug him and tell him that it'll be okay, he'll protect him from the world, if Namjoon wants him to.

"It is," Yoongi admits, "but you're going on a date with Jung Hoseok, and he's the king of bad fashion."

Dear wolfodder, you're up! ;u; Good luck!!
Tags: *team one, fandom: bts, love ranger: softboys
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