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[team four] fouettes and zumba

Okay, elindar challenged me to write some Kai/Xiumin soooo here we go! I actually started liking this pairing and wouldn't mind writing more in the future...

Presence of other people had never bigly bothered Jongin when he was practicing ballet. The flow he got from the ballet had always been so great he easily forgot all distractions around him. Ballet was also team work where you interestingly had to keep your mind constantly focused on what others were doing but never lose your own step.

Their upcoming show was slowly coming closer, and it wasn't just a normal show for him because Jongin had very much got his very first solo part. And that was a big thing.

After realizing the show was only one week ahead and his solo was still lacking a few things he wasn't completely satisfied with Jongin got an idea.

“You guys leave ahead, I'll stay here a moment,” he called out to his group members who were making their leave by picking their sports bags and water bottles.

The other dancers just shrugged. “Don't overdo yourself,” the last one of them exclaimed before exiting the practice room.

Of course Jongin had no plans to overdo himself. He just wanted to make his solo perfect, he wanted to see the pleased expression on the face of their instructor, and he wanted to see his mother and sisters and their faces when he would score his part perfectly. He wanted to make his solo so perfect his father in heaven would be proud of him.

After taking a sip of water and doing a few stretches Jongin put the music on and started practicing again.

Once again, he shut the world around him and started living the life the dance was telling.

Jongin paid special attention when he knew the hardest part was coming up. He had to master 21 fouette turns. And that was no easy job since it required a while for a ballet dancer to master even one fouette but Jongin had learnt the idea quickly which had impressed their instructor. His fouette turns on point had been the golden ticket to do the solo part in the first place.

He had no intentions to let their instructor and his family down now.

Jongin's pace increased and increased, the world was spinning and he could hardly keep his eyes open. As the 19th turn came he stumbled a little bit, so little that it could have hardly been called as a stumble, but Jongin stopped the movement immediately and sat down on the floor, burying his face against his knees.

He was a failure, he wouldn't see the proud faces and pleased expressions. Jongin would let them all down.

“Wow, you're very good! But are you okay?” a sudden voice from the door called out.

Jongin raised his head. That voice belonged to their dance academy's short but handsome zumba class teacher, Kim Minseok, who was standing by the doorway.

“Oh, I'm fine, hyung. Just a little bit dizzy--”

“Here, take a sip of sports drinks!” Minseok said immediately and came in. He had his sports bag hanging on his shoulder and a cd player under his armpit but he managed to hand out a bottle with some blue liquid to Jongin.

Jongin accepted the drink and took a sip.

“Thanks, hyung."

“No problem at all! I'm sorry if I disturbed you, I thought the ballet group was already done and I decided to come a bit earlier to do some preparations before the class starts.”

Jongin was embarrassed. He hadn't thought that obviously their practice room was reserved for the next group. “No, I'm sorry for staying over-time,” Jongin said, a bit sheepishly, his face instantly flushing.

Minseok laughed, his gums showing. He was a very attractive zumba teacher.

“While you're here, why don't you stay and try zumba with us? Could make you relaxed!”

“I'm sorry hyung but I don't really do anything else besides ballet--”

“Pfff, haven't you learnt the most simple rule of dancing! Any dancing helps you to improve your skills!”

Jongin wanted to say the truth that no, he hadn't heard about such a rule, but then again Minseok smiling like that made weird things in his stomach. Not to mention Jongin might have sometimes ogled hyung's bare toned arms and legs a little bit longer than was maybe appropriate.

“Okay, why not,” he shrugged, laughing nervously, “maybe one time makes no harm.”


In the end, zumba class was surprisingly fun and maybe it had something to do with the fact that Minseok was such an encouraging teacher and full of energy. Maybe the sparkle in his beautiful eyes and a wide smile made Jongin miss a few steps even though the choreography was simple as ever. Jongin was sure Minseok noticed that because the zumba teacher only showed up his thumbs, and Jongin could swear his smile got even wider.

Minseok took Jongin for a dinner (“Good nutrition and social life are important!”) after the class. It was the first time Jongin got to actually talk to Minseok more than a few words they sometimes exchanged at the dance academy.

They also talked about Jongin's solo.

“I'll treat you again next time if you'll master those turns! You can do it! Oh and, I promise I won't come to the practice room before my class starts, I'll give you some time to practice,” Minseok twaddled.


The next day Jongin mastered all 21 fouette turns perfectly while practicing alone.

When he glanced at the practice room door, he noticed someone had puffed some warm air against the glass to make it foggy and there was a heart and a short message written with their fingers.

“You did well.”

You're next, orangegreenlove! :)
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