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[team four] The Esoteric Grove (wip)

Part of a renmin wip I'm hoping I can actually finish lol

Jaemin smiles and squeezes Renjun’s hand. “Deal.”

“Don’t make me regret this,” Renjun gives him a suffering look but Jaemin notices the way Renjun’s lips force down a smile. Congratulatory cheers erupt in his mind as he mentally pats himself on the back. It takes courage to strike a deal for Renjun to keep him company in exchange for his silence. He continues to grin, even as Renjun pulls away from him.

The deal is so full of loopholes that Jaemin feels like he’s deceiving a child. It makes him wonder how Renjun could be in the same major as him with this kind of thinking. He would rather entertain the thought that Renjun sees right through the loopholes and is willing to deal with them anyway to spend time with Jaemin. That’s infinitely a more pleasant thought. Yes, he’ll hold onto that thought.

“Well, your silence starts now.”

On second thought, maybe Renjun just finds his voice annoying. Jaemin pouts and vows that he’ll make grander gestures with his actions until Renjun revokes the compromise of silence. Their shared classes proceed with Jaemin placing himself next to Renjun or behind him to pass him notes. He makes sure there are a lot of doodles and affectionate words to spur Renjun. He giggles to himself whenever Renjun’s eyes or lips twitch at seeing his notes. Jaemin takes the glares and the scorn in stride, meeting them with a wide smile upon his lips.

Jaemin finds himself full of delight at the end of the day, as he lounges against the tree in the courtyard of his apartment. Renjun’s company amuses him. He recounts his day aloud as the leaves on the tree rustle, sounding like tinkling laughter. Night comes with him inviting Kun for dinner under the evening sky. Kun’s eyes roll but the other indulges him and his love of the outdoors anyway. He spends his night in the embrace of nature and wrapped with a blanket that Kun makes sure he takes. Even with all the assignments for his classes piling up, Jaemin dreams of being in Renjun’s presence.

Your turn, damagea :)
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