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[team two] untitled. almost-kiss.

Incredibly late. :(
More of SixTONES written into the Todome no Kiss 'verse. Very spoilery.

"Think again, and think harder," Hokuto said, a threat subtly laced into the teasing tone with which the words were delivered. He punctuated it with a light brush of his lips upon Taiga's cheek, his tongue darting out sneakily to taste the skin. "Are you sure?"

It took all of Taiga's self-control to stop himself from visibly flinching. He wasn't averse to being touched—it was part of his job as a host, after all, and Taiga actually thrived in simulating intimacy—but for some inexplicable reason, Hokuto always gave him the creeps. Irrational fears aside, Taiga took note of the path Hokuto's tongue traced, the part where he didn't bother wiping away his tears from a few hours before.

"I wasn't. But I am now," Taiga replied after a long silence. "Maybe you're right. Having the power to do things over becomes an infinite loop of regrets simply piling up," he continued with a wry smile.

“What are you gonna do then?” Hokuto asked, just to play around a little. Then he took on a more serious tone, the switch effortlessly and seamlessly done. ”It’s not like he’d know you, nor would he share your memories of him.”

Taiga snorted, caught between laughing and choking back a sob, a broken and undignified sound. He took a deep breath to collect himself. “I only wanted a comfortable life. With lots of money. I did whatever it took. For a while I thought I could do it, because he was there, bending to my every whim and desire.”

"But look how it all turned out in the end," Taiga continued, his voice barely a whisper now, once again on the verge of tears. The truth wasn't that hard to let out anymore. "I just want him back."

Hokuto smiled, an imperceptible upward curve of his lips, but it was a genuine one. Less creepy than Taiga is used to. "Have you thought about what you'd do? When we get back?" Hokuto asked again, but this time there's no trace of sarcasm in the words.

"I'll know when we get there." Taiga replied. "This is my last chance. I'd like to make the most of it."

"Well then," Hokuto began, looking straight into Taiga's eyes. "You know what to do. So come and get it."

It's your turn, faded_lace.
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037, warning: and they all died, warning: wtfery ahead
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