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[Team Three] The Eyes Have It

XiuHan roommate fluff

“Hang up the phone! Right now!”

Minseok barely has the chance to mutter goodbye before Lu Han yanks his cell phone out of his hand. He holds it aloft out of Minseok’s reach as he bounces from one long leg to the other. “What are you--will you please hold still?” Minseok holds out his hand for his phone and glares up at his roommate.

“But Minseokkie! Look!” With his free hand, Lu Han produces a flier printed on lime green paper from his back pocket. His skinny jeans are so tight that it’s amazing he can fit anything in his pockets at all, Minseok thinks. “Isn’t she cute? Doesn’t she look exactly like the pet you’ve always wanted?”

“Give it here.” Minseok snatches the flier and narrows his eyes further as he scans the paper. At the top is a monochrome photo of a striped kitten. The cat’s eye’s are huge in its small face, dark and round and hopeful. Minseok shakes his head.

ADOPT ME!! the text beneath the picture reads. MY NAME IS COOKIE it says in even larger type, followed by a mobile phone number.

“But your mom’s allergic to pets,” Minseok feels the need to point out. Also, he’s not sure he wants to adopt a cat and this feels like a diplomatic approach to get Lu Han to think things through.

“So? She lives in Beijing. We live in Seoul. She’s never even visited us here.” Lu Han slides up beside Minseok and drops his arm across Minseok’s narrow shoulders. Minseok wriggles as he adjusts to the uninvited weight, but doesn’t try to shake Lu Han off. He knows his roommate will just replace his arm if he does try.

“Don’t you find it suspicious that someone wants to give away such a cute kitten? There has to be more to the story, some terrible secret this cat is hiding.”

Lu Han rolls his eyes and scoffs. His fingers tap in an annoyed dance against Minseok’s shoulder. “Dude, there is no catch. I know the owner, and she had to move to a new place unexpectedly that doesn’t allow animals. I mean other than pet rocks. They do allow pet rocks, but you know.” He shrugs and his shoulder shifts against Minseok’s neck.

Minseok looks between the kitten on the poster and his eager roommate. He’s not sure whose eyes are the biggest and most hopeful. “Well…”

Lu Han gasps and bursts into high pitched laughter. “Thank you, thank you! You’re the best, Minseokkie! The absolute best!” He plants a sloppy kiss on the side of Minseok’s face and Minseok wards him off with a practiced punch to Lu Han’s bicep. “Thank you! Now let’s go home so you can meet Cookie.”

“Wait, at home?  Don’t we have to call the owner?”

Lu Han shakes his head as he folds the flier and somehow manages to slide it into his back pocket again. “Nope! I already picked her up from the owner. I knew you’d come around and say we could adopt Cookie!” Lu Han smiles, triumphant and trusting.

“Lu Han!” Minseok groans, already starting to regret his easy agreement to this major adjustment in their living situation. Lu Han starts sprinting in the direction of their apartment, his delighted laughter trailing behind him. Minseok shakes his head and smiles. He’s always been a sucker for cute things, Lu Han included.

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