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[team one] curious minds

I really needed a little comeback to writing so here's some cheesy haken <3

“Love isn’t real.” Jaehwan drops himself into the sofa face-first, groaning loudly. From his end of the sofa, Hakyeon watches him with a frown and leans in to ruffle his hair gently.

“Hey, what happened?”

There’s an audible sigh into the cushion before Jaehwan turns around and stares up at Hakyeon and the ceiling. “Nothing’s happened, that’s the thing,” he says, pouting. “Everyone has someone these days. Wonsik and Sanghyuk, Taekwoon and Hongbin… I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you’ve been dating someone gorgeous as well. And I’m just not getting any of that stuff. I’m sad,” he whines somewhat petulantly.

Hakyeon hums, leaning closer into Jaehwan. He starts to play with his hair. “I know, I know. It’s not very nice being single with all these couples around, is it?”

“So you’re single too?” There’s a tinge of hope to Jaehwan’s voice and Hakyeon doesn’t want to dwell on what the reason might be other than wanting to not be the only single one. “Or did I misunderstand?”

“No, no, I’m single as fuck for a while now,” Hakyeon chuckles, “you’re not alone in that.”

Jaehwan sits up part-way with this incredulous look in his eyes. “But— how? Who would pass up the chance?” Somewhat self-conscious, Hakyeon snorts and starts to push him back down with a hand on his chest, but Jaehwan ignores him and comes up again. “Like, actually, how is it possible for you to be single?”

Partly rubbing, partly hiding his face behind his hand, Hakyeon shrugs. “I don’t know,” he says. “I guess I just don’t feel a connection with anyone I’ve gone out with these days. It’s not fair to keep them around if I don’t feel anything.”

“Ouch, yeah,” Jaehwan agrees, suddenly a little more serious. “Okay, I get it. I’m kind of the same. I’ve been trying so hard but even if I like someone it just doesn’t feel like anything more.” He snuggles into Hakyeon, who puts an arm around him, simply enjoying the warmth for now. “God, there’s not something wrong with us, is there?”

“Hey.” Hakyeon grabs his chin and forces him to look in his eyes. Those two eyes shine up at him, suddenly so innocent and… pretty, and he takes a short breath before he can continue. “There’s nothing wrong with you, or me. Okay? We will find someone. And even if we spend a long time alone, that means nothing. Life isn’t only romance. Even so, we’ll have each other. Right?”

There's a long, pregnant pause as Jaehwan stares at him. “Oh,” is all he says. “I think—” And Jaehwan cuts himself off in favor of placing a hand on Hakyeon’s cheek and leaning in to kiss him, chaste. His lips are as soft as they look, and that’s all Hakyeon can really get from it before Jaehwan pulls away, eyes searching his for a reaction.

His mind is racing with feelings and thoughts and explosions. We should probably talk about this, Hakyeon thinks, but Jaehwan still looks so pretty — prettier, if that’s even possible — and is waiting for an answer, and Hakyeon only feels the need to try that again simmering in his stomach. So he does, he leans in and presses their lips back together in a soft kiss, allows Jaehwan to react and kiss back. Those explosions, fireworks really, come back as Hakyeon’s eyes slide shut, and he loses himself in Jaehwan. For now, talking can wait.

Here we go amaxingbaek!

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