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[TEAM THREE] Make it Work

Just a little KiriBaku shopping date. Kirishima's fashion here is totally mine - how many bright colors can I cram into one outfit. Can there be more glitter involved?

He's working on it, that's what he told Bakugou. The fashion thing.

Bakugou always looked great. Casual but not too casual, current but without looking like he's just buying whatever the magazines tell him to, equally comfortable in workout gear and tailored jackets. Damn, he's cool.

Kirishima's approach to fashion is basically just whatever catches his eye. Whatever he likes he'll wear. It'll work out, right? Actually, that's kind of Bakugou's approach too but Bakugou always looks amazing while he swears that Kirishima is a fashion crime waiting to get busted. That's usually when Kirishima cracks a joke about being down for Bakugou busting his ass anytime. He usually gets smacked but it's worth it to see Bakugou blush, just that rosy little stripe across his nose. Seriously the cutest.

Today they're on a shopping date. Bakugou keeps trying to strongarm him into a store that carries this new streetwear brand that Bakugou's obsessed with but Kirishima is distracted by a shop displaying a whole new line of pro hero gear. He can never pass up ooohing and aaaahing over his friends' merch.

Kirishima happily drags Bakugou into the store, meeting his boyfriend's angry muttering with a cheerful promise of 'just five minutes'. They have a whole new section with cool stylized graphic versions of various heroes' logos. He grabs a vivid green Deku hoodie spangled with sharp looking stars and holds it up against himself.

"No," Bakugou immediately vetoes. "You look like Christmas threw up on you. Besides, you own approximately eight hoodies already. Nobody needs eight hoodies."

"But I like hoodies," Kirishima protests, valiantly failing to point out that he may own eight hoodies but Bakugou has taken near permanent possession of at least three of them so he really only actually has five. "They're comfy and I like have extra pockets." But he puts the sweatshirt back.

"Ooooh, check this out," Kirishima says with a grin, donning a black and orange hat with a cool explosion logo with big metallic letters that read: BOOM. "What do you think? It's not a hoodie!"

"Orange clashes with your hair, dumbass," Bakugou scoffs. "I swear you're like a colorblind magpie. You just grab any shiny fucking thing."

Kirishima laughs and pulls a grey v-neck patterned with various shades of bright pink and black bubbles. "How about pink?"

That is one hundred percent worse," Bakugou growls and Kirishima can't help but smirk as Bakugou shoulders him out of the way to grab the shirt and return it to the rack.

Bakugou takes Kirishima's chin in one hand, turning his head one way then the other, deceptively gentle. His sharp eyes take in the explosion logo on the cap and the cool embroidered 'Ground Zero' down the side and though he's frowning Kirishima can tell he's pleased.

"Whatever, get it if you must. It's better than pink."

Over to you, marksykins!
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