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[Team Two] for your viewing pleasure

So Kay kindly suggested I write about Takaki and Hikaru and the play they were in a few months ago. I procrastinated tho, so this is all I came up with lol. Still cute tho I hope.

“It's my turn to pick a show!” Hikaru says as soon as the end credits start to roll.

Takaki pouts. "Don't you want to watch another episode?"

Hikaru stretches his arms and readjusts his position on the couch. "There's only so much Gossip Girl I can take in one day. How about The Walking Dead?"

"But zombies are scary." Takaki makes an overexaggerated terrified facial expression, complete with slapping his hands against his cheeks like a frozen scream.

Hikaru rolls his eyes. "Do you even remember that you came over here to rehearse our lines?"

They started out a few hours ago for some extra practice on rehearsing their lines for the upcoming stage play. But of course, they got distracted along the way. A random line of dialogue reminding one of them a funny story, which eventually leads to "hey you gotta see this youtube video," which in turn somehow leads to watching random episodes of random TV shows.

"I think we got a lot of good practice in earlier. I'll certainly never forget the way you got tongue-tied and accidentally misprounced my name earlier," Takaki replies with a grin.

"Get off my couch," Hikaru says, pretending to be annoyed.

In response, Takaki just snuggles deeper into the cushions. "Nah, I'm comfy here."

"Freeloader," Hikaru complains. But truthfully, he doesn't mind Takaki hanging around like this.

"But I gave you the irreplaceable gift of introducing you to Gossip Girl."

"Aaaand that's why I'm paying you back with zombies." Now it's Hikaru's turn to grin.

"Noooooooooo!" Takaki buries his face into a pillow.

Hikaru is sure the TV won't be nearly as exciting as watching the show beside him on the couch.

He grins. "I can't wait to hear what you think."

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