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[Team One] Where Dark Things Sleep

Hello team one!! :D

I'm so sorry for being so late to post. I started a thing, anticipating that it'd be a couple of hundred words long like my usual fics but this little shit wouldn't end, so here I am, thousands of days late BUT i've finished a fic for the first time in three months. I'm ecstatic!!!

I'm so happy to have all of you on this team, and if you need anything, i'm contactable like 24/7 on twitter, or via PM here. Please let me know if you want to be poked on twitter or via e-mail in addition to being mentioned on LJ.

cairistiona is on hiatus for now, so wolfodder, you can just skip her and pass the turn to amaxingbaek when you're done ^v^

Let's get on with it, shall we? :D

I started writing this for shiritori, but luckily it also fit into Yoonjin Week '18, that's ongoing (or did it end on sunday?). This is just Day 1, and i have no idea if I'll finish the other 6 days, but I'll try.

Seokjin/Yoongi, 6,2k, Vampire AU, R (or M)

This fic contains a lot of triggers, like character death, blood, to mention some, so just be careful, okay.

wolfodder, you're up, and your words are these: [click me i am sfw and trigger-free <3]The last thing Hoseok hears before he slips into the safe darkness of the forest, is Yoongi's little growls, and Seokjin's honest declarations of love.

Good luck everyone! ^v^////
Tags: *team one, fandom: bts, love ranger: softboys, warning: and they all died, warning: here is a box of tissues, warning: might contain triggers
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