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[team two] welcome and contact

Hello team two!

As you can see, we (with the exception of myself, which I hope you'll overlook) are the JE team. (While I don't actively write JE, I am familiar with the groups and have written/read it in the past, so hopefully that helps!) I haven't had the privilege of working directly with most of you before, so I hope that this round will go well. I have actually been taking a break from captaining but, due to the circumstances, it was necessary that I step up to the plate. I will certainly try my best, but if you have any problems or concerns, please do let me know. I am best contacted via email at, but if you prefer not to use email, my LJ (or DW) PM connect directly to my email. You can also just comment on this post, and I'll get an email notification. I also administer the shiritori twitter account (@writetomyheart) as much as it is administered (it's mostly automated to be honest), so I am happy to communicate via that medium but will likely need a heads-up to check it.

I believe that all of you have requested to be notified of your turn outside of the standard LJ tagging, as specified below:

bluedreaming: email
alchemicink: twitter
sanadas_sanity: twitter
dusk037: twitter
faded_lace: email
su_jin: twitter
kira_shadow: twitter
talisa_ahn: twitter

If the method of contact is incorrect, please let me know and I will update my notes. In regards to notifying, I'll be using the @writetomyheart twitter account to let you know it's your turn if you have requested twitter notification. Of course, please let me know if you have settings such that you don't receive notification of tweets from accounts you don't follow, or other restrictions. I'm sure we can work something out. In terms of knowing when to tag someone, I use the LJ email notifications to track the team tag.

Of course, we've tried to keep people in a familiar order, so please do keep on contacting the person after you directly if that's what you've been doing.

In terms of order, kira_shadow is starting off on hiatus in September, but may join us again in October, so su_jin should tag talisa_ahn for now.

I think that's hopefully everything, but if I forgot something please let me know! I'll have the first post up within three days.


P.S. out of curiosity, are any of you on Pillowfort?
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