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[mod post] new line ups

[Let’s begin]

Note: If you’re a new person who has stumbled across this post/community, please see the latest reshuffle/sign up post to sign up!

Welcome and thank you

First of all, so long and fond farewells to those who are leaving. We wish you the best, and we’ll be happy to welcome you again in the future. A warm welcome to those who are joining us once again, a reminder of where to find the current rules and guidelines, and please don’t hesitate to contact your captain, or Mousi (twitter or email) or Ansa (LJ PM or email) if you have any questions. You can also reach both of us by email at Finally, we’re happy to be in good company with all of you who are continuing. We’re currently at 27 shiritoriers if I’m not mistaken. Thank you for making this such a fun game!

The following information is the same from the previous line up post, mentioned here again for reference purposes.

[LiveJournal vs. Dreamwidth, Ao3 Collections]

LiveJournal vs. Dreamwidth, Ao3 Collections

There have been no updates on the LiveJournal vs. Dreamwidth debate (see the previous line up post), but you can find details on our current backup/archive practices to Dreamwidth on the post linked above.

If you decide mid-round that you'd like to leave LiveJournal (but still wish to continue with shiritori) please let us know. It will be simple enough to have you still participate in your current LiveJournal-based team but post your turn on Ao3 (which some people choose to do anyway, especially due to content ratings). If you're posting directly to Ao3 please post to the shiritori collection or sonic shiritori collection as applicable.

This does not include crossposting, which is entirely your own business altogether. You're of course very welcome to add Ao3 crossposts (either direct crossposts or edits/derivations) to the shiritori/sonic shiritori collection, but that's absolutely up to you.

If posting to LJ or Ao3 doesn't suit you, please let us know and we can likely work something else out, whether it be an OpenID/identity account or other options.

[Captains and Contact Information]

Captains and Contact Information

As mentioned in the previous line up post, we maintain a spreadsheet of contact information (for current participants only) that is shared with captains. This is made up of information that you’ve provided either on the contact info post or reshuffle posts or by updating us directly. This information will only be used to provide requisite “poking.” This spreadsheet is of course not publicly available.

If you’d like to make any changes to your contact information (a new twitter handle, etc.) please let us know and we’ll make the appropriate updates.

[News and Updates]

News and Updates

At this point the Dreamwidth shiritori community [community profile] writetomyheart is not actively being used, and the archive community is obviously quite delayed, so the best place to go to for shiritori news is to track the mod post tag. Shiritori does also have a twitter @writetomyheart that functions as a feed of the writetomyheart public posts, but which could be used for announcements in the event that the writetomyheart community itself were to become compromised. If anything happens, the Dreamwidth community [community profile] writetomyheart will also be used to post an information/update post which will be open for comments and conversation. While the Ao3 collections are open to all, Ao3 does not have a conversation platform and so would not be used to organize/disseminate this kind of information.



The updated tagging system was higlighted in the previous line up post, but as a quick reminder, the use of the fandom: other tag should be replaced with general bucket tags. If you're unsure, you can skim over the tag list on the tag page. Another useful shortcut is to just type fandom: general into the tag bar when you’re posting a fic, and see what comes up. A few of these bucket tags are also narrowed into region (i.e. fandom: asian...) or country (i.e.
fandom: japanese..., fandom: chinese..., fandom: korean...).

The New Line Ups

And now, for the event you’re really waiting for! I’m sorry about all the top-heaviness, but this is one of the few times where it's (somewhat) possible to disseminate information to the community at large, and whether or not you actually read the post, at least it’s here and (hopefully) clear.

We always try out best to keep everyone's preferences in mind and follow everyone's requests, but if you think your team assignment really isn't going to work, please let us know. We also encourage you to let us know if you'd like to move on or off the slow team. Due to our loss of two captains, we've had to fold the teams into four teams total, which has resulted in larger teams. After about a month, we'll try to check to see if things are working, but do also let your captains know if issues come up before this.

As always, the team line-ups have been posted on the writetomyheart community sidebar for easy reference.

Team 1
cairistiona (starting off on hiatus)

Team 2
kira_shadow (starting off on hiatus)

Team 3
clearlykero (note: to use an lj-tag, this user name is ext_4265261)

Team 4
slow team

Sonic Starters

Off we go into the wild blue yonder

Team Captains softboys, bluedreaming, mousapelli, and onyu, you are welcome to start your groups off with the words of your choosing, and sonic can be restarted!

Final notes and reminders

In case anybody needs a refresher, here are the Shiritori Guidelines, and the Sonic rules specifically.

I think that’s it, but if we’ve missed anything, please let us know. You’re welcome to comment here with any questions, other comments, and/or problems, or contact Mousi or Ansa directly (check the top of this post for our contact information). As a reminder, please contact us if any of your contact/poke information has changed.

Happy writing to all!

Some brief contact notes

fairyminseok, as you are switching off the slow team and thus have a new captain, and we do not have any poking/contact information for you, if you need to be notified of your turn beyond being tagged on LJ, please let your captain softboys know how best to do so.

chuyeol, as you are moving to a different team, please let your captain softboys know the best way to contact you during this current round. (Your previous contact method does not appear to be active.)

orangegreenlove, as you are moving to the slow team, please let your captain onyu know the best way to contact you during this current round.

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