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[Team Five] and take my hand

Iwaizumi heaves a withering sigh. Out of the corner of his eye, he can see Oikawa's quick grin, flashing across his face, bright like the shine of sun hitting water. How long has it been? Five months? Six months? The flow of time seems so distant when he's underground. But even then, he can't make himself forget the empty absent seat besides him.

"Come back," he scowls. And Oikawa laughs, running his fingers through his hair. Iwaizumi's gaze follows the flower petals that fall out and float gracefully to the ground - small ships in the breeze. He catches one on his finger and watches as it darkens, curling in on itself before dissolving into ash.

"Missed me, Iwa-chan?" His voice takes an odd downturn in tone and Iwaizumi looks up. Oikawa's staring at him with that indiscernible gaze of his, smile gone, eyes golden in the sunlight, and Iwaizumi frowns, untenable emotion flitting through his chest. He abruptly thinks of the first time he met Oikawa. Pomegranate juice running down his chin like blood, eyes panicked and fists curled. Iwaizumi had felt bad about what happened after, but rules were rules. It'd taken ten years before Oikawa even spoke a word to him. Another one hundred before it was finally something nice. And now --

"Of course I did, you idiot," he says, shoulders relaxing.

This time, when Oikawa's lips twitch upwards, his smile is soft. He takes Iwaizumi's proffered hand. "That's all I needed to hear."

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